Wondrous Covers Wednesday – Cover Battle Edition


Hi everyone. I’m bringing you Wondrous Covers Wednesday, but not my normal type of post today. Well, I suppose it is like my normal type, but it’s a little more battle esque.

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I choose to showcase three covers with similar attributes and themes. To see past editions, you can check out my page for them here

In the past, I did a post on two covers that were really similar to each other. i’m going to do the same thing this time.

The covers?

We_Were_Never_Here Meet_Me_Here 


All three of these covers have a lot of similarities to each other. They all focus on either the twilight time or a bit after that with a lot of empty space at the top. They all share silhouettes in the covers. We Were Never Here and The End of Our Story both focus on people, to be more specific, a couple.

Meet Me Here is the brightest of the covers and also features stars, along with The End of Our Story. I think the lightness of Meet Me Here gives an indicator of how bright it will seem, in that it’s not as dark or sad as We Were Never Here or This Is Our Story. Meet Me Here seems like a possible title, especially when the other two as if they’re about the end of something. The arrow pointing down to the tagline helps with this idea.

I think the cover that does this scene the best is The End of Our Story just because it’s more interactive. Whereas the other two are just pretty static focusing on basic silhouettes and sunsets. The cover for We Were Never Here looks more ominous to me, which makes sense given the title and implications that the summary gives. 

I think my favorite cover would be The End of Our Story just because I’m really interested in the light action going on behind the couple as well as the motion going on with them moving closer.

What is your favorite cover out of the three? Did you notice anything about them that I didn’t mention?


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3 responses to “Wondrous Covers Wednesday – Cover Battle Edition

  • Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    Those first two ALWAYS confuse me. Always. I keep thinking they’re the same book, even though they aren’t at all. The third one only confuses me a little bit less, because you are definitely correct that they’re eerily similar. At least the last one doesn’t say anything about “here” though. (Also, is it just me, or are those two people lying about “We Were Never Here” because… clearly they are?)

    Liked by 1 person

  • Holly J

    Oh wow, these are confusing covers. I’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF THESE BOOKS EITHER. Why are they so similar omg. I like how The End of Our Story is showing them like being pulled apart (I think? That’s what it looks like. Haha), but I prefer We Were Never Here even though it doesn’t show the stars. I think the colors and the font of the title work a little better for it.

    Wait. Are they moving apart or moving nearer each other in that book?? LOL. I feel like the title is what made me think it was going the negative way. I have no idea what this story is about, though.


  • Kaitlin @ A Mismatched Reader

    My favorite of the three is the same as yours, though I don’t like it that much. Covers like these ones are easily forgettable for me. There’s almost too much darkness for me. Or maybe they simply don’t stand out very much? I usually overlook these covers.


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