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I’m Joining Bout of Books #17

Oh my gosh, it’s my favorite read-a-thon, even if I never do particularly well with any of them. I love this one because there’s chats and challenges! Though I may have to end up missing both chats because work cuts it really close. I’ll try to make the first one though (Monday, 7pm CT/8pm ET).


The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 22nd and runs through Sunday, August 28th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 17 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team

I’m going to try to do a big reading binge. I want to finish:

Ripple The_Possibility_Of_Somewhere Holding_Up_The_Universe

And read:

Girl_In_Pieces The_Weight_Of_Zero Still_Life_With_Tornado

I am nothing if not ambitious with my reading goals. The latter three I expect to be super feelsy and amazing. I have super, super, HUGE internal hype with all three. Here’s to hoping they don’t let me down! And I finish them. I have work this week too, but as long as I read before going to work and a little bit when coming home, I should be able to do this! Right? Right… I’m off Friday and Sunday so that should help to. Yes? Yes.

I’ll update my progress below every day:



Books Started/Finished:



Books Started/Finished:



Books Started/Finished:



Books Started/Finished:



Books Started/Finished:



Books Started/Finished:



Books Started/Finished:

Are you participating in Bout of Books? Are you a repeater or first timer? Do you have any goals? Do you have a specific reading plan? Or are you just going to go how you please?


The Olympic Book Tag


I am finally doing this tag created by Shannon! I love it because it really puts me in the Olympics mood, even if the Olympics are almost over and I haven’t really watched many of the events. Sad. 😦 I guess there’s always two years from now in the case of the winter olympics. Those are my real favorites. Kind of. Okay, enough talking, time for the tag!


Just Like The Movies

This is one of my favorite Contemporaries ever. I really did love it from the first page. Really, the first line.

Speaking of which, the first sentence: 

he music practically floats out of the speakers, it fills up the fenced yard, flies over the swing set, and spins into eddie under the deck.

It’s a light, fun YA with depth too.



This was the first road trip book I read. Well, besides An Abundance of Katherines, which definitely does not win. Ha. It really helped with the differing


To all the boys I've loved before

I really have no real answer for this, so I’ll go with TATBILB. Even if I was totally not into one of the guys. At all.


An Abundance of Katherines

I mean, I got it, but…I just kind of hated it? It’s really how the main character only ever dated Katherines, all the way from Kindergarten. Like, that’s not normal. How is the name THAT common? I don’t even believe it’s that common. Plus it’s not like he moved around and met these people, no, he grew up in the same city, I believe his whole life. It’s just really weird.


Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants

These books immediately came to mind. I love them, at least, I believe I do. I meant to re-read the first one years ago and was a bit surprised at how un friendshipy the characters seemed at the beginning. Oh well, still faces.


The Hunger Games

This is pretty much the only book I’ve read with a lot of fighting and bloodshed.

You can blame my Contemporary heart.

Surprisingly enough, many Contemporaries don’t share fighting that isn’t drama related and definitely no bloodshed.


Every Ugly Word

This book. Oh my gosh, so many unsurprising things. The ending, the ending. It’s a must read.


All The Bright Places

This goes without saying really.


Because You'll Never Meet Me

I still love you! It’s only slow in the beginning! Then it picks up, quite fast. At least for me. 🙂



These are basically the only books I read in childhood really. In addition to the Fear Street series that always scared me and made me not sleep. Ha.


Animals, animals. . .


100 Days of Cake Cover 

There’s a little hermit crab in the book! I really liked it because you never really read about hermit crabs in books.


Lola and The Boy Next Door

I just. Yes. It’s not the book’s fault, it’s my fault.

No. No, I think it’s the book’s, actually. . .


Emmy and Oliver

It has two good friendships in it. One with the main character Emmy and Oliver and one with Emmy and her current (?) best friend.



I need to seriously read this book. I love the olympics and gymnastics and multi-POV books and girls in books, it sounds fantastic.

Have you read any of these books? What do you think about them? Are you into the Olympics? Favorite participating sport?

Top Twelve Books I Never Reviewed


Top Ten Tuesday

I really like this week’s “freebie” topic. Basically, we get to go back through the past Top Ten Tuesday topics and choose one we missed doing. I’m doing one from a long time ago when I didn’t even have a blog.

Here’s the original Top Ten Tuesday post. 

This topic has my name written all over it.

Remember when I first started blogging and I would actually post TWO reviews a day, twice a week? Me too. Those were the days. Clearly I should have stock piled those!

I don’t know why I’m so bad at writing reviews. I think it’s because I wait forever and can never word my feelings well enough.

Of course, I now have a somewhat solution to this with the feature, “Not Quite Reviews” for books I haven’t actually reviewed.

Now. To actually do my not quite reviews. . . All of these books will most likely be done for Not Quite Reviews. Sometime.

Anyway, on to the list! A ton of these books will be familiar to you because they’ve probably all made several Top Ten Tuesdays as well as ’14 and ’15 “favorite books” of the year lists.


All The Bright Places

This was never reviewed because I had way too many feelings and I lost the notebook (sob) where I wrote the notes for this in.


I'll Meet You There

This also gave me several feelings and I actually have several notes typed on my laptop that I wrote while reading.



This is another book where I lost the notes for it. 😦


Everything Everything

I did type up some notes for this, as well as using my Kindle note function for.


Faking Normal

I’m so glad I finally read this book after buying it when it was on sale for Kindle. It’s a very “me” book and quite relatable.


Fans of The Impossible Life

This was one of my favorite e-ARCs to have received and I even meant to do a One Day More post for it but…I never did. Sadly.


More Happy Than Not

I typed up thoughts for this one too!


The Night We Said Yes


Emmy and Oliver

Ditto above.


What We Saw

This was one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read and I actually had a review written somewhat but never finished. I was going to do a joint review with another book but never read or decided on the other book.


Run Cover

I technically featured this one in my first Not Quite Reviews.


Nowhere Near You

Ha. Of course that last one would be on the list. I am still not over it.

Is anyone else really bad with writing reviews? Do you have a favorite book you never reviewed due to not blogging or just having never written the review?

Top Ten Books I Would Buy With A Gift Card

Top Ten Tuesday

Hello! It’s Tuesday again which means Top Ten Tuesday time. I love today’s Top Ten Tuesday. If you’re unfamiliar with Top Ten Tuesday, the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish created and host it. Every week there’s a new bookish list for people to participate in. You can read about the upcoming lists here.

Today’s topic is seriously just the best.

~Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card~

Who wouldn’t want a fully loaded gift card for books? Yes please.

Here are the top ten books I’d buy:


The Boy Most Likely To

It feels like I’ve been wanting to read The Boy Most Likely To forever. I like that it deals with an alcoholic main character. I haven’t come across that in YA since meeting one of my favorite characters on Degrassi: The Next Generation and reading Romancing The Dark In The City of Light, which was also published last year.


Not After Everything

I picked Not After Everything because it deals with a harder subject matter with it being abuse related. I like that it contains another darker, difficult topic to deal with.


For The Record

I love that For The Record is about a girl in a band. This has been on my TBR since apparently November of 2014, so a long time coming. I was just thinking last week out how I’d seriously love more fiction about girls in bands.


The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart

The Anatomical Shape of A Heart is another light book, dealing with two people meeting on a bus (be still my beating heart)


The Lies About Truth

I decided I would read anything Courtney S.. Stevens put out after reading Faking Normal, so The Lies About Truth has been a book I’ve wanted to buy for a while.



I’ve heard great things about Nina LaCour’s writing. i like books that deal with suicide, so Hold Still is a must read.



I love family centered stories so much, especially when there’s secrets or drama involved. Like LaCour, I’ve heard good things about Ockler’s books as well. I knew I needed Fixing Delilah once I read the summary about it.



Referring back to the above, I don’t think it’s a secret that mental illness/health in books is really important to me. I love reading about how characters deal with it, especially those who have family members dealing with them. Holly and Rashika sing Marchetta’s praises, so Saving Francesca sounds like it’d be a safe bet to buy.


Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is not a surprise for anyone. With a fully loaded gift card I can finally hold off on not buying it.



A Week of Mondays sounds really cute. It reminds me of a lighter version of Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and Groundhog Day.

I went with a lot of backlist titles I was dying to read last year but didn’t get a chance to. Then I went with some backlist titles that, again, I was dying to read but haven’t gotten a chance to and don’t own.

Finally I went with Alexander Hamilton because how could I NOT? I decided I should get a new release and A Week of Mondays for a recent release.

What are some books you would buy with a gift card? Have you read any of them? Can you justify my hypothetical purchasing of them? 😉

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