Top Ten Books I Would Buy With A Gift Card

Top Ten Tuesday

Hello! It’s Tuesday again which means Top Ten Tuesday time. I love today’s Top Ten Tuesday. If you’re unfamiliar with Top Ten Tuesday, the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish created and host it. Every week there’s a new bookish list for people to participate in. You can read about the upcoming lists here.

Today’s topic is seriously just the best.

~Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card~

Who wouldn’t want a fully loaded gift card for books? Yes please.

Here are the top ten books I’d buy:


The Boy Most Likely To

It feels like I’ve been wanting to read The Boy Most Likely To forever. I like that it deals with an alcoholic main character. I haven’t come across that in YA since meeting one of my favorite characters on Degrassi: The Next Generation and reading Romancing The Dark In The City of Light, which was also published last year.


Not After Everything

I picked Not After Everything because it deals with a harder subject matter with it being abuse related. I like that it contains another darker, difficult topic to deal with.


For The Record

I love that For The Record is about a girl in a band. This has been on my TBR since apparently November of 2014, so a long time coming. I was just thinking last week out how I’d seriously love more fiction about girls in bands.


The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart

The Anatomical Shape of A Heart is another light book, dealing with two people meeting on a bus (be still my beating heart)


The Lies About Truth

I decided I would read anything Courtney S.. Stevens put out after reading Faking Normal, so The Lies About Truth has been a book I’ve wanted to buy for a while.



I’ve heard great things about Nina LaCour’s writing. i like books that deal with suicide, so Hold Still is a must read.



I love family centered stories so much, especially when there’s secrets or drama involved. Like LaCour, I’ve heard good things about Ockler’s books as well. I knew I needed Fixing Delilah once I read the summary about it.



Referring back to the above, I don’t think it’s a secret that mental illness/health in books is really important to me. I love reading about how characters deal with it, especially those who have family members dealing with them. Holly and Rashika sing Marchetta’s praises, so Saving Francesca sounds like it’d be a safe bet to buy.


Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is not a surprise for anyone. With a fully loaded gift card I can finally hold off on not buying it.



A Week of Mondays sounds really cute. It reminds me of a lighter version of Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and Groundhog Day.

I went with a lot of backlist titles I was dying to read last year but didn’t get a chance to. Then I went with some backlist titles that, again, I was dying to read but haven’t gotten a chance to and don’t own.

Finally I went with Alexander Hamilton because how could I NOT? I decided I should get a new release and A Week of Mondays for a recent release.

What are some books you would buy with a gift card? Have you read any of them? Can you justify my hypothetical purchasing of them? 😉


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