Top Twelve Books I Never Reviewed


Top Ten Tuesday

I really like this week’s “freebie” topic. Basically, we get to go back through the past Top Ten Tuesday topics and choose one we missed doing. I’m doing one from a long time ago when I didn’t even have a blog.

Here’s the original Top Ten Tuesday post. 

This topic has my name written all over it.

Remember when I first started blogging and I would actually post TWO reviews a day, twice a week? Me too. Those were the days. Clearly I should have stock piled those!

I don’t know why I’m so bad at writing reviews. I think it’s because I wait forever and can never word my feelings well enough.

Of course, I now have a somewhat solution to this with the feature, “Not Quite Reviews” for books I haven’t actually reviewed.

Now. To actually do my not quite reviews. . . All of these books will most likely be done for Not Quite Reviews. Sometime.

Anyway, on to the list! A ton of these books will be familiar to you because they’ve probably all made several Top Ten Tuesdays as well as ’14 and ’15 “favorite books” of the year lists.


All The Bright Places

This was never reviewed because I had way too many feelings and I lost the notebook (sob) where I wrote the notes for this in.


I'll Meet You There

This also gave me several feelings and I actually have several notes typed on my laptop that I wrote while reading.



This is another book where I lost the notes for it. 😦


Everything Everything

I did type up some notes for this, as well as using my Kindle note function for.


Faking Normal

I’m so glad I finally read this book after buying it when it was on sale for Kindle. It’s a very “me” book and quite relatable.


Fans of The Impossible Life

This was one of my favorite e-ARCs to have received and I even meant to do a One Day More post for it but…I never did. Sadly.


More Happy Than Not

I typed up thoughts for this one too!


The Night We Said Yes


Emmy and Oliver

Ditto above.


What We Saw

This was one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read and I actually had a review written somewhat but never finished. I was going to do a joint review with another book but never read or decided on the other book.


Run Cover

I technically featured this one in my first Not Quite Reviews.


Nowhere Near You

Ha. Of course that last one would be on the list. I am still not over it.

Is anyone else really bad with writing reviews? Do you have a favorite book you never reviewed due to not blogging or just having never written the review?


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