Top Ten Albums I Really Love

Top Ten Tuesday

I almost forgot to do this post, it’s a good thing I remembered…fifteen minutes until Tuesday. Oops. Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with this pretty massive meme, it is created by the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish. They make a new list for people to participate in every week. For more information on that, you can go here.

This is another one of my favorite topics: Audio


All About Audio freebie —  aka top ten audiobooks you should listen to, 10 books I want to listen to on audio,10 bands you should check out, 10 podcasts you should be listening to, 10 of my all time favorite albums, 10 songs I love, really whatever you can come up with.

I don’t listen to audiobooks and I’m sure if I listed the books I did want to listen to on audio, it’d be a repeat of half my TTTs, haha.

I decided to go with ten of my favorite albums so far. I went in order from year of influence.



Breakaway has been a constant staple in my life since middle school. I’ve always found it really relatable in every circumstance of my life, which is amazing because middle school was over teen years ago now. Kelly’s such an angel.

Favorite Songs: Because Of You, Hear Me, You Found Me, Beautiful Disaster



I got into Panic! At The Disco in my freshmen year after hearing I Write Sins Not Tragedies (who hasn’t?). I was so happy to hear that I loved other songs even more. Once again, I found a couple of these songs pretty relatable. The song writing on it is just amazing. It’s one reason why I will always, always, always miss Ryan Ross being in P!ATD. It’s seriously heartbreaking to me that he’s not involved anymore because his lyrics were so insightful and personal to his own life.

Favorite Songs: Camisado, Time To Dance



I became interested in Crossfade sometime during the summer after my Sophomore year. It seriously could not have come at a better time. It was super relatable to everything in my life. It still is, so it has staying power.

Or I need to change things, ha.

One of the two.

Favorite Songs: Someday, Already Gone, Everything’s Wrong, Breathing Slowly, Never Coming Home



I knew of Fall Out Boy since Middle School with their song Dance, Dance, which I never did and still don’t care for. This is the album that made me super into them. Thriller is a classic and so many of the songs are so, original. I believe this is their most ‘mainstream’ album so some don’t like it, but it’s my favorite FOB album.

Favorite Songs: Thriller,, The (After) Life of The Party, You’re Crashing But You’re No Wave



I will admit that I found this album in a random download I did. I downloaded it and only started listening a few months later. That was awful, I should have listened to it RIGHT AWAY. This album is a total gem. I love the dark-sounding songs.

Favorite Songs: Laura Palmer, Icarus



Speaking of dark albums and albums I randomly downloaded…I’m now on Exile. This is the first Hurts album I listened to. It really made me more interested in electropop and duos. It’s very melancholy too.

Favorite Songs: Only You, The Rope, Help



This was the last album Framing Hanley made and the first (and only, so far) album that I really got into. The whole album is so re-playable. It’s a rock album with a couple darker songs but some light stuff too. I love the sound.

Favorite Songs: Collide, No Saving Me, Streetlights & Silhouettes


Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion

Carly Carly Carly

Oh, right, reasons I listened to and love this album…

I’ll admit when I heard Call Me Maybe I blew her off. I hated the song, I rolled my eyes when it came on. Now I’m just like “20 year old Amber, what is WRONG with you?”

I don’t know what prompted me to listen to this other than I recognized her name and saw she had a new album coming out on a PopJustice forum.

I ended up following that thread forever and was amazed at her album.

Emotion is pop perfection. It is. It is the best pop album of last year and one of the best EVER. EVER.

It’s so good. It is. It really really is. Listen to it, give her a chance, just do it.

Favorite Songs: Your Type, Making The Most of The Night, Let’s Get Lost, Boy Problems. I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance


Breathe In Breathe Out Hilary Duff

Oh my gosh. You already know what I think about this album. This album made me dedicate an entire post to Hilary Duff and her album. This is her first album in eight years and it, like Emotion, is almost pop perfection. The latter half of the album takes on a folk sound but oh my gosh, the first six songs are such bops. I love this album so much.

Favorite Songs: Confetti, Breathe In. Breathe. Out., Arms Around A Memory


A-ha Cast In Steel

I was familiar with Take On Me by a-ha, but nothing else. Like Emotion, I noticed this album name and bad title being mentioned on PopJustice and decided to check it out. I think I actually blindly bought this album too. Possibly. Maybe not.

Anyway, it’s an amazing album that I love and adore and relate to. This album sounds really 80s, I heard that it’s because a lot of the material here was from 80s songwriting/music making stuff.

Favorite Songs: Cast In Steel. Under The Makeup, Objects in The Mirror, She’s Humming A Tune

And with that, I am finished! What are some of your favorite albums? Have you heard of any of the ones I listened to? If not will you PLEASE LISTEN TO EMOTION? (And SideB).


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