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April Showers Bring May Flowers (WCW)

WCW_GraphicI mean, maybe?
Hi. It has been raining non-stop in Topeka. At least it was anyway, it rained for a week straight, took a couple days off and started back up again. I was honestly expecting to see Noah’s ark coming around. Funny story, I apparently talk about books and ARCs so much that when telling my mom if she sees an Ark to wave it over, she thought I meant an ARC. I kind of pronounce A-R-Cs as ARCs, why? I’m not sure, I just do. Like with BEA, half the time I sounded it out rather than going by letters, ha. I don’t do that with ALA though, maybe because that already has a meaning.
This is my next edition of my somewhat sporadic feature, Wondrous Covers Wednesday.
Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I choose to showcase three covers with similar attributes and themes. To see past editions, you can check out my page for them here
This week’s common aspect is… Can you guess what it is? It’s flowers. There are so many flowers on covers this year and I am just loving it. Two of my most anticipated books of the year contain flowers and really reminded me of each other. I discovered another cover that has similar looking flowers on it, so I decided to feature it as well.




Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios

~My Thoughts~

This may not be the prettiest cover for obvious reasons, but I adore it. I love how some of the flowers are alive and others are dying. I like how they’re growing through what looks to be a window. The window, to me, symbolizes to me the way the main character is sort of trapped in her life and bad circumstances.Namely the “Bad Romance”.Flowers can be such a big part of romance, you might give your date flowers on their first date, or your significant other flowers on Valentine’s Day or their birthday.
On that same note, it reminds me of how in abusive relationships, you just see the flowers and happy events. You don’t (always) see what’s coming next. The toxic parts of the relationship, the flowers that only come after something bad has already happened. The flowers are alive but dying because everything that ever masqueraded as being good is being destroyed.

~Cover/Book Connection~

I think I kind of summarized that up above? The good in the main character’s life is fading and all she’s left with are some dead flowers and a “bad romance” to be put extremely lightly.


Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

~My Thoughts~

This is a bit of a contrast to Bad Romance, no dead flowers here. Holy crap, how gorgeous is this cover? First of all, the title font reminds me of Beauty and The Beast. The golden girl makes me think of Tinkerbell and other fairies. The flowers are totally and completely gorgeous. Not to mention the night sky in the middle of the flowers. I can’t even imagine how stunning this looks like in person. Everything is just really perfect.

~Cover/Book Connection~

Wild Beauty is about a family of women who tend gardens. It’s another magical realism story by McLemore which really tells me everything about the cover. There’s a garden, the women are Latinx and there’s magic. Judging by the title “Wild”, things are going to get a little bit up in the air, so to say. When reading the title, I think of it as two ways, the first way I just described and the second describing the main character, Estrella. Judging by that, she could be a very care-free character who is serious about what she wants.


A Map For Wrecked Girls
A Map For Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor

~My Thoughts~

This is probably my least favorite cover out of the three. I’m not a big fan of the yellow text, especially with it being in capital letters. It is nice and bright though which fits right in with the flowers. I do love a book with a black background though. The flowers and leaves themselves remind me a lot of the objects in Everything, Everything.

~Cover/Book Connection~

I’m a big fan of metaphors, so to me, the flowers and leaves intertwining with the font is a symbol for the girls being trapped on this island as well as being caught up whatever tore them apart. 

So, which cover is your favorite? Are you a fan of flowers on covers? If so, what is one of your favorites I didn’t mention?



Music Will Save Your (My) Year

amanda+joaquim (2)
Here’s a feature I have not done in forever. Last a week, a ton of music came out of thin air or rather across digital waves. A ton. Like, a ridiculous amount. I am so blessed.


I actually have to go and re-do part of this post because I just discovered a ton more music. I’m not going to be able to talk about it all in detail, but I’ll share my favorite songs as well as a couple other lists. Wow. What a month for music though? I don’t think I’ve been this stunned in…well, forever. Scratch that, I was pretty shocked when Dark Before Dawn came out a couple years ago, but this is pretty close to that.


(99%) Some of these artists I had no idea were coming out with new music, others I had been impatiently waiting for. I’ll also throw in a few songs from earlier this month.


The first up is Paramore


The one that caused me to almost scream because PARAMORE. I had heard they were coming back, but wasn’t too sure on that. I didn’t think it’d be this year, but, well, yes! Paramore is back and poppy as ever. Embrace the lovely upbeat popppiness.


Hard Times gives me Tegan and Sara vibes which I definitely don’t hate. Their album is coming out in ELEVEN DAYS which is just, wow. I am so excited.


Their song? Hard Times and wow, they have a way of making a song that could easily sound a bit melancholy to making it the next Pop hit. Not much unlike the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.


The second is Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy. I’ve missed Pete Wentz’s voice. This song almost made me cry because I had NO idea they were coming back. They even have an album coming out in September and it’s such a long wait. Come quickly Fall.


This song is a bit of a departure from their last era but I will be the very first to say “Bring it” because yes. I am loving the soulsy, slower sound of this song. I am 100 percent positive the “Oops I did it again lyric” is a  Queen Britney reference. How could it NOT be?


Fall Out Boy does so good with songs against exes though. I love that it’s not even a toxic “you ruined my life, you were awful” song like some bands do.


Oops, I did it again,
I forgot what I was losing my mind about
I only wrote this down to make you press rewind
And send a message I was young and a menace


Can we please talk about the Nikki Sixx shout out because oh my goshhh. I freaking love it a million times over. For those that don’t know, Nikki Sixx was a co-founder of Motley Crue as well as the main songwriter and bassist. He’s now in the band he founded called Sixx AM (who also have an album out). He dealt with a lot of addiction between these two bands which, I believe, is where the “kill me twice” lyric Wentz references there.


My third amazement of last week was a triple feature by Foster The People. Yes, they, much like Jojo (Mad Love is out now!) came back with an EP of three songs. Their EP even has the same title as the Queen Jojo’s ep (III).  Doing It For The Money is my favorite song of the trio. I love the poppy sound of it and the mellowness.


I just discovered Lady Gaga has a song out called The Cure. It may also be coming to her possibly-soon-to-be-announced album? I’m here for it, even though I must admit I didn’t listen to Joanne.


I made a lovely playlist on Spotify that you can listen to here.

Now, to sum it all up –

Favorite Songs:
Doing It For The Money by Foster The People, Hard Times by Paramore, Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld, Say My Name by Tove Stryke, Last Young Renegade by All Time Low
Biggest Surprises:
This is obvious by now, but I was really surprised by Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Foster The People coming out with music all of a sudden.
The Letdown:
Torches, No Vacancy and Thunder and J-Boy
The Albums I Need Now:
Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Halsey
New Discoveries:
Charlie Puth, Amelia Payne, Melokee and Sigrid. . . Really, just 75% of these songs.

Those With Albums or EPs Out::

Lea Michele Places
Mary J. Blige Strength of A Woman
Foster The People III

The Albums You Should Look Out For:

Paramore After Laughter (May 12th)
Ingrid Michaelson Alter Egos (May 12th) (What kind of This Is Acting tea?)
Papa Roach Crooked Teeth (May 19th)
All Time Low Dirty Laundry (June 2nd)
Bleachers Gone Now (June 2nd)
Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (June 2nd)
Allie X CollXtion II (June 9th)
Phoenix Ti Amo (June 9th)
Rise Against Wolves (June 9th)
Lorde Melodrama (June 16th)
Royal Blood How Did We Get So Dark? (June 16th)
Haim Something To Tell You (July 7th)
Fall Out Boy Mania (September 15th)

So, have you heard any of the songs I posted? What are you thoughts? Did you hear any songs I don’t have on my playlist? Let me know! I can never have enough music. Ever.

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