Hi! My name is Amber and this is my blog, YA Indulgences. I’m so glad you found it! I am in my 20s, I have had various cats over the time-period of this blog. Also, my mom, Dawn (that sounds weird to say) will be posting on here sometimes! A little bit to her dismay but…  I enjoy reading, listening to music, ranting about TV shows, raving about musicals I’ve never seen, searching through Tumblr and keeping my eyes on Twitter.
I’m not exactly new to writing as I began writing poetry in middle school. Since then I’ve branched to stories and a variety of blogs.
YA Indulgences is my book blog which began in July of 2014. I’m so excited to talk about books I love or don’t love as well as discussing various book related topics. I’m also excited to finally become part of the book blogging community. I hope you will enjoy my journey into the book blogging world as I gets to know others bloggers, readers and hopefully authors. 🙂
In addition to enjoying Young Adult fiction, I likes Christian fiction, Historical fiction and a good adult contemporary novel. While I’m not a huge fan of Science Fiction or Horror and I’m over the Supernatural Romance craze already, I like to think I wouldn’t rule out reading anything Young Adult.  I always welcome any recommendations so feel free to leave suggestions. 

Here is a little more information about me:
  • I was Belle for Halloween.
  • Beauty and The Beast is my favorite Disney movie ever.
  • I may or may not live an alternate life inside my head.
  • I’m obsessed with music, with (some of, but definitely not all) my favorite bands and artists being; Bastille, Hurts, Digital Daggers, Cary Brothers, Sara Bareilles, Kari Kimmel, Damien Rice, and Ingrid Michaelson.
  • My musical taste is mostly alternative, independent mellow artists and bands, as well as rock.
  • I would consider myself an introvert if I liked a label.
  • I’m more comfortable engaging in conversations online than in person.
  • When I start talking, there’s little chance I’ll stop.
  • Autumn is my favorite season because of the leaves changing, the weather cooling causing it to be hot chocolate and sweater weather.
  • I have a thing for 80s teens movies with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Dirty Dancing and Fast Times at Ridgemont High being my favorite.
  • Although I feel these shows may be too far gone, I’m in love with Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi and The Vampire Diaries.
  • I am a very sarcastic and somewhat cynical person, but I don’t mean anything bad about it.
  • I’m easily amused and enthusiastic.
  • The library, Starbucks and Barnes and Noble are my favorite places.
  • I’m collecting my life’s library.
  • I prefer to drink coffee at night than in the morning.
  • I’m definitely, wholeheartedly a night person.

Some Things I Love In Fiction:
  • Unrequited love
  • Sarcastic characters
  • Character Driven novels
  • Ensemble casts 

If you are interested in me reviewing your book or doing an interview, you can find my review policy and contact form

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