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Summer Blogger Promo Tour Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! This is actually my first official post since I went on hiatus and I suppose it marks my official return as well? ūüôā More on that tomorrow, though.
Here’s my wrap up post for the Summer Blogger Promo Tour that I participated in for the past two months.
~What I Liked~
I liked the idea of promoting other blogs and being promoted on their blogs.
I liked getting to discover new bloggers and finding things I had in common with them.
I made new friends! 
~What I Would Change~
I would make the groups smaller to begin with, maybe only four to six people rather than eight. It was hard to keep track of everyone’s emails and Twitter DMs.
I would possibly put co-bloggers in their own groups just because if you have co-bloggers in your group, you kind of have to worry about talking to two more people.
I would make sure everyone was fully committed to the project, I know life circumstances come up,but it really sucks when a post is planned only to discover the poster is quitting SBPT.
~My Experience~
My experience was overall okay. I don’t know if I would do it again, there were a few complications in my group which made it stressful for me. I still enjoyed joining in on this summer event, it was fun, what went well. ūüôā
I loved coming up with posts, especially two, which I’ll link below. I was kind of a bad poster, I know two days I wasn’t able to post on my blog until hours after the designated time. I generally wrote all my posts at last minute or wrote them ahead time, then wanted to edit it the night before I was scheduled. Lol.¬†
I hope you enjoyed all the posts. ūüôā
If you want to a recap on all the bloggers who guest posted, here they are:
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If you would like to see my guest posts for their blogs, here they are:
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SBPT: A Game with Nicole and Sophia of Quality Fangirls!

Hi everyone! If you did not know, I am participating in The Book Bratz’s Summer Blogger Promo Tour. Every Sunday for the next eight Sundays (counting today) I will be featuring a blogger here! Then on August 30th, I’ll be doing a wrap-up post about my experience!
Today I have Nicole and Sophia of Quality Fangirls for my first stop. For their post, I decided to create a sort of game for them to play after seeing their love for TV shows.
Basically the game goes like this:
I give them the name of a TV¬†show character then¬†they give me the name of a book character that is similar to them. ūüôā
Without further ado, here were their answers which really make me interested in the majority of these shows that I haven’t watched!
Nicole answered the first five, then Sophia answered the last five. 

Fiona Gallagher from Shameless – Sydney Sage from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
  Fiona GallagherBloodlines
When I think about Fiona, I think about her putting her life on hold for her siblings, feeling the need to take care of EVERYONE. For me this reminded me of Sydney from Bloodlines right away. Sydney has always put the needs of others before herself, even if she has no obligation to them. They both fiercely care about the people they love and will go to lengths to protect them. 
Catherine de’ Medici from Reign – Queen Elara from Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Catherine de' Medici (Reign)  Red Queen
Right away my first thought when first meeting Queen Elara in Red Queen, was that she reminded me SO MUCH of Catherine in Reign. Both queens love their children fiercely and would go to lengths for their safety. They ALSO are sooo manipulative. Without giving any spoilers away, lets just leave it at that ūüôā
Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries – Isabel Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Katherine Pierce (Memory Lane) City of Bones

It was hard to think of someone as selfish and incessantly self centered as Katherine, so I pick out all her good qualities and got Izzy! Katherine knows she’s hot and is definitely not afraid to show it, especially when it comes to fashion, just like Izzy. They both are not afraid to go after what they want, even if they’re leaving a trail of men by their feet. Such awesome girl power, if only Katherine was as good of a person as Izzy.¬†
Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World – Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

Shawn Hunter (Boy Meets World) The Raven Boys

This was an extremely hard character to choose, especially since I love Shawn so much. I ended up going with Ronan from The Raven Cycle. They’re both severely misunderstood characters who both lost their parents (maybe in different ways) too young. They also might not be headed in the right direction with their rebellion, but they have awesome friends to bring them back when they need it.¬†
John Bates from Downton Abbey – Ned Stark from A Game of Thrones by GRRM

John Bates (Downton Abbey) A Song of Ice and Fire

This was a tough one, mostly because Bates is one of a kind. He is fiercely loyal to the people he cares about and is all about doing the right thing. The closet person I could think about that reminded me of him was Ned from A Game of Thrones. Ned was stubborn about doing the right thing, even though in the end it got him killed. Lets just hope Bates has a better outcome. 
Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf РCricket Bell from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Stiles Stilinski (Boy Meets World) Lola and The Boy Next Door

Both of these guys are basically adorable / clumsy genius’s. They always have new ideas and think up at the speed of light. I could easily see Stiles being Cricket and vis versa. They’re also so sweet and loyal to their friends and family, plus they both have that like boyish good looks thing going on (though Cricket dresses better).¬†
Sam Healy from Orange is the New Black РPresident Snow from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Sam Healy (Orange Is the New Black) The Hunger Games

This is a hard one for me because one Sam Healy is just horrible and I hate him so the thought of there being two of him is almost too much to handle. Luckily Sam Healy basically has no power in the sense that President Snow does, but they’re both old egotistic white guys on a power trip. They think they’re important and smart and have all the answers. They both refuse to relinquish power and basically just need to be put down…in a grave…forever.¬†
Michaela Pratt from How To Get Away With Murder РMia Hall from If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Michaela Pratt (How To Get Away WIth Murder) If I Stay

I’m comparing them because they’re both driven to do what they love. Michaela has law and Mia has music, but they both strive so very hard to accomplish what they want. They may not have the same personality, but they have the passion to be successful and go places in life.¬†
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones – Sam Cortland from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) Throne of Glass

I don’t know how to explain this one. It’s like they are the good guys. The ones who try to do the best they can and fight for what’s right even if it puts them in a position that could be life threatening to them. They stand up for what’s fair. They also are both pretty good fighters can’t deny that one (though Sam would kick Jon’s ass, but it’s okay). I feel like beyond the good guy thing they both have this like feeling of having to find their own place in the world, having to fight to call something their own. (Amber: Hey! I resent that statement about Sam kicking¬†Jon’s ass!)
Sarah Manning from Orphan Black РRose Hathaway from Vampire Academy 

Sarah Manning (Orphan Black) Vampire Academy

Sarah and Rose are one of the two most kick ass woman out there. They bleed and fight for the sake of keeping the people they love safe.They’re hot headed, impulsive and even if they don’t like to admit it, scared. Regardless of the fear of failure or the fear of death they never give up. They both have that classic leader inside of them, the ones who when they run into a battle guns a blazing they come out having rescued their loved ones. They also are so god damn stubborn (never try to tell them no).¬†

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Here is some more information about Nicole and Sophia:
Quality Fangirls ButtonQuality Fangirls is the collective craziness of two best friends; Sophia & Nicole. In their 10 years (and counting) of friendship it only recently arised that they were both completely book / fandom obsessed. The only next logical step was to create a blog and share their crazy with the world. Nicole is the artsy¬†management of the duo; smart, punctual, hard working, photoshop genius,¬†she’s the reason the blog runs as beautiful as it does ( though she’s completely and utterly crazy, all the smart ones are). Sophia is the creative procrastionator that every duo has, between writing posts last minute and going through weird reading binges and then flat lines for months. Here at QF there is one goal; to create the best collaboration of books and fandom mash up as possible and to share it with the people who get our feels.¬†
See their blog / Tweet them  / Check out their Tumblr / View their pictures on Instagram!

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