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I hope you will follow me over there. 🙂 Hopefully by the end of the month, I will have WordPress re-direct those of you who aren’t aware of this to my new site! 


The Bold Type – Season 1, Episode 2 – O Hell No

Important Change:

I have changed my First Watch Feature for a later to be revealed feature. This is now Weekly TV Roundup. I created this so I could recap and discuss new shows that I watch live. I do generally live-tweet, so if you’re on Twitter, you can always follow me there.  I’ll most likely inevitably have to try to combine multiple show discussion into one post as I do weekly posts. Wish me luck.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images shared in this recap. They are all owned by Freeform.

Here’s the second edition of Weekly TV Roundup! I originally watched the second episode the same night as the premiere. Due to my rambling and such, I broke it into two parts! 

Plots For The Week:

  • Jane struggles with writing an orgasm article for the sex column.
  • Kat is discovering if she’s not as straight as she believed.
  • Sutton’s new aspirations with the magazine!

One of the best things about this show so far is the amazing soundtrack. Episode 2 kicks off with a song that just screams NYC if that makes any kind of sense.



Jane is definitely a person who would rather write more serious articles from saying last episode “I could handle bigger subject matter, and I want to prove it, so I have some ideas that I was hoping to throw at you.” to this week’s “ Oh, uh, actually, I had this political piece that I wanted to pitch to you.”. Two things are clear: 1. Jane doesn’t want to get too personal with some things and 2. She’s uncomfortable with sexuality. 

I related so much to Jane in this episode. Jane is a little inexperienced when it comes to sex. Writing for a magazine like Scarlet which has a big focus on it proves to be a bit hard for her due to this. She feels pressured from this magazine to have sex, to have orgasms, to be good in the bedroom for guys.She criticizes the way a male writer from Pinstripe wrote about sex and women. I love how this was really pushed from the beginning with the lead ladies attempting to re-create this sex scene to pitch to readers. Jane goes on the journey to finding out why she hasn’t orgasmed and goes about getting one. This revelation shocks Kat and Sutton. I love that Jane does tell Jacqueline about her feelings twice about pressure and sex. This doesn’t get her out of writing the article, but she does get the option to go anonymously.


During a call Jane gets from a gynecologist in the middle of the crowded Scarlet offices only to escape to an elevator with bad reception and screams “A problem with my vagina!” in front of who else but. . .

Ryan, Pinstripe’s sex columnist.


Nevertheless, that wasn’t Jane’s last meeting with Ryan as the duo meet two more times. Predictable? Of course but I’ll take it. There was lovely banter between the two. Will these two hook up? Most likely.

I think the pressure Jane feels is so realistic for a lot of women. It’s bad to talk about sex even around our same gender, it’s expected to be experienced and masturbate and have sex. This isn’t the case for all women. Especially if they’re Christian or abstinent for other reasons.

There are other interesting scenes here from the introduction to the porn watching scene they have and Kat removing a Yoni egg from inside Jane. I’ll have to say that after watching this episode, I would not use one and that’s all I’ll say about that.


Jane writes her piece on orgasms which is very much full of science and she tells Jacqueline she’d like to submit anonymously. This is a magazine no-no so readers know they can trust Scarlet. By the end after really voicing her feelings, Jane is allowed to submit the article anonymously. Like a true star though, Jane signs her name at the last minute.  Yes, Jane! There’s also the awesome slow motion scene with Jane walking through the Scarlet offices knowing everyone has now seen the article put online. Jane is my girl. Not just Scarlet sees it though as Ryan also sees it. I bet he’ll be making his re-appearance soon and I’m very excited for it.


Who hasn’t worried about being ghosted today in the social media age? Adena hasn’t been answering Kat’s messages since doing the first piece. She’s not  left in the dark for long though when Adena shows up at Scarlet. We discover that Adena has received death threats, something which is so common among POC especially POC that are Muslim. We find out as well that American Immigration officers have been checking Muslims’ phones and she got rid of it. That is a really good reason for Kat.


Kat tells her the magazine wants a follow-up with her and that Alex would have some time. Adena also invites Kat along leading to Kat causing one of her brightest smiles yet. Kat’s main side plot besides wondering about Adena is helping Jane uncover the secret to an orgasm. This involves taking Jane to the sexologist. During Jane Time though, she decides to bring up her feelings about her sexuality which she always thought was just straight. She later helps extract the yoni from Jane as it may help her figure out her feelings for Adena. She proclaims that she’s not a lesbian, she’s just not. Once again, no mention of bisexual here which makes me a little disappointed.


While at the exhibit, Kat decides to go talk to Adena finally only to see what appears to be a girlfriend show up and kiss her. It doesn’t end all bad though, at least for Kat. The girls give her a pep talk that I think viewers can only agree with.


Kat is brave and strong. She does take risks and she follows her heart. She’s an inspiration to Jane who goes to kiss Ryan. Hands To Myself plays at the perfect moment. I can’t think of a better fitting song. She then leaves him standing there as she goes walking off to write, like the queen she is.  Jane doesn’t stop there though as she decides to sign her once anonymous article with her name. Yesss, Jane.

Kat tries to talk to Adena, I think, about her confused feelings and instead just says the show was amazing. You will get there, Kat. No worries.



Sutton is my love. I’ve said this before, but I really do just love all of the ladies. I think Sutton may be the one I relate most closely too. She is the last one to be promoted from an assistant, I could picture that being me. Sutton does attempt to get somewhere new with the magazine as she talks to Lauren. Rather than aim for the fashion department, Sutton talks about being interested in the business. Business? Yes, of course. It’s safe, reliable, and has a lot of money in it. I can completely understand why Sutton would aim for that. It’s a practical guarantee for her. No chance to fail. Lauren encourages her by setting up informational interviews. The person she points her to has to be . . . Richard, the man she just broke up with last week.


Richard pulls her into doing an informational interview about her options. I loved this because it helped learn more about her character. She needs this money which could change her life. Why wouldn’t she aim for the job? Sutton is  the character of the millennial generation. She wrestles with the idea of going with her dream of fashion or doing the business side which is a safe steady job. She’s still unemployed after getting a degree and not sure what she wants to do. If that’s not relatable,  I don’t know what is. From her money struggles to her parent’s struggles, I relate to her through and through.

There’s also a little tidbit about Richard’s age when Sutton says “Oh, you mean when I graduated into the worst job market in 50 years, thanks to your generation?” Preach the truth, Sutton.


I’m sure everyone had the same thoughts when Sutton talked about moving on. Moving on? Girl you just got here for the viewers. We can tell from The Bold Type’s Premise that Sutton will be sticking around. You’re not spending that $100 on a train ticket. It would be interesting to see a somewhat business side of the magazine though.

My favorite guy, Alex comes back in this episode as he talks with Sutton about her interview and need for a job. She tells him about how she needs the money a business job could get her. She asks if that’s a bad reason to take a job? At this point I screamed No! Because money is important and people need it. It’s not wrong to take a job you don’t really love when you need the money.


Sutton tells Kat and Jane about her interview and while they’re somewhat supportive, they both question why she would work in business rather than fashion. Kat also says it’s “so boring”. Yes, sometimes jobs are boring, but we do what we have to, right?

I remember a friend was just saying a couple weeks ago how a friend of hers says she’s doing a job she doesn’t particularly love so she can do things she does like. That hit me so hard because yes, not everyone can go and follow their dreams. It would be amazing if they could, but there are so many obstacles. No one is wrong for ever taking a “boring” job if it gets them what they need.

I obviously can’t blame Sutton for wanting to do what could change her life. I can understand the student loans Sutton has. There’s such a desperate feeling, especially when you’re not bringing in a lot of money. I think there’s another element of Sutton just wanting to do something more than be an assistant. Both of her friends have moved up and she hasn’t. When she tries to, it’s for something she really doesn’t want to do. So what does Sutton have to do to move up? Well, we’re find out, I’m sure.

She gets her happy ending during the exhibit when she gets the call that she got the job. Her and Alex go out for a very expensive bottle of alcohol and she finally spends that $100 bill. It’s not because she’s taking the job though. It’s for “crazy dreams” and her fully pursuing fashion. I think I could have cried at this scene. I’m so happy to see Sutton be successful and go after what she wants.


I loved seeing the growth with Jane as each episode premieres. My girl is pushing out these articles and being, well, the bold type. All three of them are with Sutton taking a riskier job move and Kat really thinking about how she feels. I love the longer drawn out plots with Kat and Sutton figuring themselves out. I think some things are wrapping up a little fast or going really well. Other than that though, I did like this episode quite a bit.I’m so excited to see what Sutton decides she wants to do. As always, I am loving the Kadena scenes. 

  • Most Relatable Character:: Tie between Jane and Sutton
  • Favorite Character: Sutton
  • Most Memorable Scene: The yoni removal, of course.
  • Best Music Usage: Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez – hands down. I am pretty sure I screamed when this song played, no lie.

~Favorite Quotes~

“You’re the bravest person I know. You take risks and you put yourself out there. I mean, I wish I could be more like you.”

“Crazy dreams.”

What were your thoughts on the characters this week? What do you think about the plots and development so far? Is your type of show or not so much? I’d love to know.

First Watch – The Bold Type – Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot

Hey everyone. I’m coming at you with a second new feature in one week. This is a feature I’ve planned to do for a long time, but just never really focused on doing it. Actually, I did focus on it, once. Then my laptop died and that edition died along with it. No fear though, one of the few nice things left for living in the U.S. right now are the numerous amount of new shows coming out. 

First Watch

I created First Watch so I could recap and discuss not only new shows, but also old shows that I watch for the first time. I’ve always tweeted my watching or (before Twitter), recapped my watching on Tumblr (Hello, Pretty Little Liars). I felt this would be a fun little feature to also hear other people’s thoughts. I’ll be doing episode, season, series and movie recaps and discussing the newest episodes of shows I watch.  I’ll most likely inevitably have to try to combine multiple show discussion into one post. Wish me luck.

Note/Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images shared in this recap. They are all owned by Freeform.

I’ll be starting the first edition of this with The Bold Type from Freeform. I first watched this show last month when it premiered three weeks ago. The premiere was for the first two episodes but as this recap is already pretty long, I’m going to only discuss the first episode today. I will be hopefully posting the second episode Monday, July 17th.




If you have been missing the too soonly dearly departed shows, The Carrie Diaries and Jane By Design, Freeform may have just what you’re looking for. Fans of Sex and The City and Younger will be interested in this as well as we’re given looks into companies. If you’re looking for a light summer show that talks about important subjects, The Bold Type may be for you.

Inspired by Cosmopolitan editor, Joanna Coles, The Bold Type is about three 20-somethings year old women who become friends as assistants at Scarlet. Two of them are moving up on the fashion industry ladder. Jane and Kat have been recently promoted to a writer and social media director. Sutton is still finding her footing though and we’re not too sure what she’ll end up doing.

There is a lot going on in the world and sometimes it can be a lot to handle. The Bold Type is a fresh breath of air despite the natural New York City atmosphere. The Bold Type is not a superficial show by any means, though it can be easy to mistake it – and Scarlet by default – as such. Both deal with what can be at the first glance appear to be superficial aspects like fashion and makeup, but they’re tools for forming women. Who says a woman can’t love fashion and makeup and be strong, smart, capable and independent? It’s time to set these assumptions aside.



You’ll fall in love with Jane who is all too relatable when she must take a picture of her “first day as a writer” walking into Scarlet offices. She is also the character you would expect to take the show’s lead. The sort of shy, inexperienced, type A, eager, uncertain but confident of what she wants and trying to find her voice.

In the pilot we’re introduced to Jane who we discover grew up without a mom as she died when Jane was a baby. We hear that Scarlet was the older sister to Jane that she never had as she grew up in a home of brothers. In any other case, I probably would have rolled my eyes at the cheesiness. Jane definitely sells this to me though as I root for her. As a reader and writer, I know the impact that words can have, something as simple as a magazine can have a profound impact no matter where it comes from.

I love that the central focus of this show is the strong friendship between these women who support each other and don’t tear one another down. These women who can get in arguments and still apologize and show up


The first Scarlet meeting is kicked off with a little tongue in cheek comment from Jacqueline,  the editor in chief as she says to a group of mostly old, white men,

“I am so happy to see all your bright, shining, young, ethnically, sexually, and gender-diverse faces this morning so we can hammer out the issues that really matter to today’s woman.”

I’ll be interested to see if there is more diversity added to this group or if it will focus on the main female characters we have now. Not that I would be against either because these ladies are amazing so far.


At first sight, Jacqueline can seem harsh as she denies all twenty of Jane’s proposals over emails. To be fair, twenty proposals, Jane? Twenty? Knowing Jane’s personality though, I understand why she’d submit more rather than less. In person, Jacqueline continues doing so until Jane hits the one topic she does like – her unstalkable ex. This is also the one topic that Jane does not want to cover as her boyfriend broke up with her randomly.

It is now up to Jane to figure out how to stalk her unstalkable ex. What does she do? She, Kat and Sutton take what appears to be an uber and drive by his house. Jane is very much against this idea but Kat and Sutton think it will be good for her.

“You know, maybe you can finally get some closure.”

“I have closure, it’s closed.”

Whatever you say, Jane.

They are narrowly caught after Jane’s ex starts walking up the street and the uber driver has gone to see if his name is on the call box.

There’s also a nice, quick moment between Kat and Sutton as Kat says “And, hey, look at all this legroom.”, Sutton replies “Oh, my God. I was just thinking that.” and the two share a high-five. I especially love the chemistry between these two.

After a somewhat successful attempt to stalk Eric, Jane tries to pitch a new idea to Jacqueline. Jacqueline will not have that though as she liked Jane’s idea. It’s now Jane’s job to get this article written. Does she? Well. . . She kind of writes an article called “How To Get Over It When the Guy You Love Leaves You Standing in a Train Station.” Jacqueline loves this article and Jane has successfully done her first article. Yay for victory!


Sutton is the character that we’re not quite sure of right now. She’s still an assistant as Jane and Kat are promoted. I do love this storyline for her though because she could end up anywhere. She’s stated she’s interested in fashion so I wonder if she’ll maybe do a fashion column or more behind the scenes work. I like being able to relate to Sutton because I could see myself not feeling the best if two friends were promoted and I were still kind of stuck.

Despite this though, she’s pretty busy.  We see throughout the episode that Sutton is involved in a classic forbidden romance with Richard, a board member. Sutton gets adventurous at Scarlet with Richard with texting photos, not wearing a bra and stealing underwear.


In the pilot, Jane and Kat discover this relationship or fling. Kat immediately tells her that Richard would be fine if the word got out about them, it’s herself she would have to worry about. See what I mean about that tough love? I agree with Kat a million times over. It’s so typical in today’s society for guys to get high-fives for sleeping with people with little regard to the people they could potentially hurt.


I love that while Sutton may not know what exactly she wants at Scarlet, she knows what she wants from Richard. And that’s for “I want to be the girl you can’t stop thinking about.” Yes Sutton, you stand up for yourself! I already love her so much.


Kat is the clear go-getter character of the group from the start. She also seems like she’s a somewhat hard to love character, if you didn’t know her. Of course, she seems like the complete opposite as well. Kat feels like she would be a tough love character too. That friend that kicks you in the butt when you’re doing something wrong or something that could hurt you.


We learn that she was promoted from assistant after two years whereas it took Jane four year. She tells someone her friend “is having a moment” during Jane’s picture outside and the use of the word “Punani” in an article. She pushes about the Muslim Lesbian article as it hits all the boxes Scarlet is about. She quickly puts it on herself to convince the photographer to do the feature piece after hearing they cancelled.

Besides that storyline but also still related, Kat is trying to figure out these new feelings that are growing for Adena. It’s interesting to see this play out. The word “bisexual” has not been used yet in the show. It seems like Kat can either be straight or be a Lesbian, she can’t be bisexual. I hope this changes in the show or it will be very disappointing. This storyline brought out a vulnerable side to Kat in contrast to the rest of her generally-knowing-what-she’s -doing personality.


Finally we meet Adena who is the Muslim, Lesbian photographer. Adena doesn’t initially agree to the article as Kat attempts to persuade her, believing the magazine is superficial and unfeminist. Kat does end up getting Adena to say yes to the article without even pushing it. I would say this was due more to Kat’s personality than Scarlet brand. It seems like if Kat encouraged something, it could only be good.

The two shared a few very cute scenes with quotes to remember. It’s very believable to see that Kat is the social media director, she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and others. Their chemistry is very clear to see.


During a night of deconstructing vibrators to take back to her country, Adena asks Kat her sexual orientation. “Out and proud hetero”. I found the “out and proud” line to be a bit off-putting because there’s never really a question of “out and proud hetero”. This, of course, seems like it will be challenged as Kat wrestles with her feelings.

The pilot throws no punches as it shows the reality that people living in repressive countries face.  Kat goes on to encourage her fellow employees to tweet for Adeena after she gets detained for attempting to smuggle the contraband.


“We are going to tweet that a woman is being held against her will simply for wanting to own her own sexuality — #FreeAdena — unless somebody has something better.”

This idea is shut down by Lauren who asks Kat how she thought this would be taken for Adena. Feeling overwhelmed, Kat lashes out at Sutton who says she can deal with it alone. This causes the second argument between our three ladies.

We discover at the end that Adena was released due to help from Alex’s friend and Adena refusing to sign a paper saying she was remorseful of her actions. This made me so happy and I can’t wait to see more Adena. I’m hoping the country where she’s from will be named because as of now it is just a generalized Middle Eastern country.

~Other Characters~

Besides the main cast, we also meet Alex who is a writer for Scarlet. He also seems to be the go-to guy when it comes to anything after watching the second episode. Alex is the one that goes to the party with Jane. He is also the one who helps get Adena released through connections. I love him so far and I hope he’s on the show weekly.

Next is Lauren. Lauren is still Sutton’s boss and she seems a little mean at times. I’m hoping she won’t be the villain for the series, but she doesn’t seem like she will be. I’ll be interested to see her character develop. I almost want to say she could be the kind of character that tries to sabotage Kat and Jane but maybe that’s just aftermath thoughts from watching Pretty Little Liars where no one is really good.

~The Ending~


At the end, we’re treated to the most lovely speech by Jacqueline who tells how she’d always kept Jane’s thought about being an older sister in her mind. We see that the girls have also made up. We reach the iconic train screaming scene too which is my absolute favorite.


I loved how the girls screamed in the subway station as it flew by. I hope that will be something that’s repeated as the ladies deal with various life issues. The representation in the show is pretty good so far with Kat appearing to be biracial and possibly black, Adena being Muslim and a Lesbian and Alex being black.

What really makes the show shine are the women. You’ll be cheering for them and find them all, maybe, somewhat relatable. All three leads have amazing chemistry and I can’t wait to see them more. If Scarlet is the older sister of Jane, then Jacqueline is definitely seeming to be more like her mother now. I mean, she rejects a call from Beyonce. Beyonce. She appears to really care about her staff and I love that. Is it a little too sugary? Yeah, possibly. It’s still nice to watch though.

Being a bit of a Conservative Christian, i was put off by a bit of the sex references, but I do understand that is what goes in magazines. Other than that, I love The Bold Type and I can’t wait to watch more of it. The music in this show is pretty amazing as well. I would love to know what you think about it though!

~Favorite Quotes~

“You know, there’s a lot more inside of a woman than what you can see on the outside.”  (Adena)  “Yeah, I know ’cause there’s a lot more inside of me, too.” (Kat)

“Why do you still wear a hijab? Isn’t it kind of contradictory?” (Kat)  
“I choose to wear the hijab. It does not oppress me but liberates me from society’s expectations of what a woman should look like. People tend to get uncomfortable when they cannot put you in a box. But I’ve always liked to make people uncomfortable.” (Adena)

“It’s gonna sound really dumb, but, uh, it’s kind of why I fell in love with “Scarlet,” ’cause when I needed it, it was like getting advice from an older sister that I always wished I had.” (Jane)

“It’s okay to not be fine.”

“But for those of you who say we are just a fashion and beauty magazine, I say, “Here’s the next great mascara “to give you bigger eyes to see the world. “Here’s a fabulous pair of jeans. Now go climb a mountain.” (Jacqueline)

My ALA Schedule!

I cannot believe that in a week from now, I will be 1. In Chicago and 2. On my third and final day at ALA. I am so ridiculously excited. There are going to be so many amazing authors that I’ve followed on Twitter that will be signing and so many fantastic books. If you’re wondering where I’ll be or may want to stand in line (somewhat) together, here’s my schedule! A rough draft of it, I need to make some minor adjustments, like adding both numbers…

Priorities are in Bold. Things I’d really like to do are in Italics. Ideally, this would be in a colored spreadsheet, however, I can’t really do a screenshot on the computer without a ton of extra work. 😦 Which makes me very sad, but this isn’t bad!

Date Title Author Time Publisher Area & Type (Panel/Signing)
Sat. 6/24 Miles Morales Jason Reynolds 9:00 AM Disney  
  In 27 Days Alison Gervals 9:00-10:00am Blink Booth #3674
  Strong Female Voices in Publishing for MG and YA Khan, Desir, Menon, Reed 9:15-10:00am   PopTop Stage
  The Girl Who Drank The Moon Kelly Barnhill 9:30-11:00am   Booth #3620
  Hello Universe Erin Entrada Kelly 10:00-10:30am Harper  
  Crafting Kid-Lit Anthologies Jensen, Smith, Reed, Watson, Chibber 10:00-10:50am   PopTop Stage
  The Thing With Feathers McCall Hoyle 10:00-11:00am Blink  
  The Sun Is Also A Star Nicola Yoon 10:00-11:00am Random House  
  Long Way Down Jason Reynolds 10:00-11:00am Simon & Schuster Booth #3020
  Warcross Marie Lu 10:00-11:00am Penguin Booth #3811
  Socially & Politically Oriented Fiction for YA Readers Bacigalupi, Colbert, Latham 11:00-11:50   PopTop Stage
  Welcome Home Eric Smith 11:00-12:00 North Star/Flux Booth #1951
  As You Wish Chelsea Sedoti 11:30-12:30    
  Penguin Young Readers Book Buzz   12:00-12:45   Book Buzz
  How Dare The Sun Rise Sandra Uwiringlyimana 12:00-1:00pm Harper  
  Dreamland Burning Jennifer Latham 12:30-1:30pm Little Brown Booth #2611
  Dear Martin Nic Stone 1:00-2:00pm Random House  
  Amina’s Voice Hena Khan 1:00-2:00pm Simon & Schuster  
  Candlewick Press & Chronicle Books Present Fall ’17 Titles   1:00-1:45    
  YA Authors Dish About YA! Hoyle, Gervais, Foody, Katsoulis, Lancaster, Thomas 1:00-1:50    
  Little & Lion Brandy Colbert 1:30-2:30pm Little Brown
Must Go Buzzworthy Graphic Novels from Scholastic Jennifer L. Holm 2:00-2:45  
Would Really Like to Genuine Fraud E. Lockhart 2:00-3:00pm Random House
Would Like To The Hate U Give Angie Thomas 2:00-3:00pm Harper
Meh The Girl Who Drank The Moon Kelly Barnhill 2:00-3:00pm Algonquin
  Things I’m Seeing Without You Peter Bognanni 2:00-3:00pm Penguin
  The Sun Is Also A Star Nicola Yoon 2:30-3:30pm Random House
  Get Graphic With Penguin Random House   3:00-3:45  
  Solo Kwame Alexander & Mary Rand Hess 3:00-4:00pm Blink
  A Short History of The Girl Next Door Jared Reck 3:00-4:00pm Random House
  Other Broken Things C. Desir 3:00-4:00pm Simon & Schuster
  When Dimple Met Rishi Sandhya Menon 3:00-3:30pm Simon & Schuster
  Want Cindy Pon 3:30-4:00 Simon & Schuster
  Three Is The Magic Number Quirk Books, Soho Teen, Sterling’s Children 4:00-4:45  
  RH Children’s Books Presents the Future of YA Lit. Lockhart (moderator), Stone, Moore 4:00-4:50  
  The Nowhere Girls Amy Reed 4:00-5:00pm Simon & Schuster
  Scythe Neal Shusterman 4:00-5:00pm Simon & Schuster
  Piecing Me Together Renee Watson 4:00-5:00pm Bloomsbury
Sun. 6/25 Challenger Deep Neal Shusterman 9:00-9:30 Harper
  WNDB Presents: Spooky Tales for MG Readers   9:15-10:00  
  Book Buzz: New Fall 2017 from RH Children’s Books   10:00-10:45  
  The Girl With The Red Balloon Katherine Locke 10:00-11:00 AW Teen
  The Names They Gave Us Emery Lord 10:00-11:00 Bloomsbury
  Passenger Alexandra Bracken 10:30-11:30 Disney
  The Hazel Wood Melissa Albert 10:45-11:30  
  If I Was Your Girl Meredith Russo 10:45-11:30 Mac
  To Infinity & Beyond w/ HarlquinTeen, Tor & Starscape   11:00-11:45  
  Location, Location, Location: When Setting Becomes…   11:00-11:50  
  Meant To Be Julie Halpern 11:00-12:00 Mac
  Love, Hate and Other Filters Samira Ahmed 11:00-  
  The Hate U Give Angie Thomas 11:30-12:30 -Booklist-
  The Playbook Kwame Alexander 11:30-12:30  
  Subverting Gender Stereotypes in YA Romance   12:00-12:50  
  Buzz about Children’s Books w/Bloomsbury, Disney, HC…   1:00-1:45  
  York Laura Ruby 1:30-2pm Harper
  The Belles Dhonielle Clayton 2:00-3:00pm Disney
  Wild Beauty Anna-Marie McLemore 2:00-3:00pm Mac
  You Bring The Distant Near Mitali Perkins 2:00-3:00pm Mac
  Disappeared Francisco X. Stork 2:30-3:30pm Scholastic
  Penguin Random House Publisher Services (Client pubs)   3:00-3:45  
  Refugee Alan Gratz 3:30-4:30pm Scholastic
  Shadowhouse Fall Daniel Jose Older 3:30-4:30 Scholastic
  I Believe In A Thing Called Love Maureen Goo 3:30-4:00pm Mac
Mon. 6/26 Outrun The Moon Stacey Lee 9:00-10:00 Penguin
  Simon & Schuster Children’s & Adult Book Buzz   9:15-10:00  
  Spotlight on #OwnVoices titles from ABRAMS   10:00-10:50  
  Pop Culture Meets Scholarly Research   11:00-11:45  
  One Million Abolitionists   11:00-11:50  

Let me know where you’ll be at! Is there anything you think I might have missed? 

I’ve Gone M.I.A. . . Again

It’s me, again. I’m typing this Sunday evening at the library before it closes. I have been pretty absent for the last six months (and so). I still haven’t found the balance between work and blogging. What does that mean for the blog? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the beginning of the end. I say this for a few reasons, the first being I can’t balance work and blogging, as already stated and secondly, my laptop is broken.

My laptop is a Mac and ever since Tuesday or Wednesday, it has the prohibitory symbol at the start-up. I’m not sure how to fix it and I’ve done what’s been recommended online from various websites to no avail.

“Why would you quit because your laptop’s broken?”

The laptop itself is not a huge loss. I’ve known for a while that I’ve needed to replace and I just haven’t. Between saving for BEA and now ALA, I haven’t had the spare money to set aside.

However, on my laptop, there was the great majority of all my blogging ideas and drafts an just…everything. When something I wrote or type goes missing, I go into shutdown mode as far as that creative expression is concerned. It happened when I lost a notebook years ago when I used to write super short stories and poems and it’s happening again.

I don’t know how to start from scratch. It’s like, too hard to start from scratch. I don’t want to.  I think. I should have backed everything up. I don’t know why I didn’t. It’s so easy to do, even if it’s just uploading the files to Google Drive. It’s so ridiculously easy and I rarely did it. The thought that I could have prevented losing (almost) everything is so discouraging that I’m not sure I can do it again. I’m going to try though. It may mean just doing Top Ten Tuesdays and Wondrous Covers Wednesdays and a couple non-book related posts.

I have a very small hope though. My dad says his boss’ wife is going to be in town (if she hasn’t already come and left) and she works on computers. Maybe, if my dad’s not mistaken, she’ll be able to figure something out with my Mac, just enough so I have time to backup my documents.

Secondly, I may take it into Best Buy in a couple months, after ALA, when I have money and see if they can do anything.

Finally, I’ve heard something online that sounds like I could connect my broken Mac to a new Mac and using some kind of software thing (I think. . .) and save the files that way. I may have misunderstood the little I read about that idea, but it’s a hope.

I’m going to be buying a used Mac or at least making payments on one hopefully next week, so that’s a positive. I guess.

Mostly, I don’t care about my laptop, I just want my files and knowing they’re just sitting on a broken laptop makes me really, really sad. I’ve always said it’s scarring to lose creative work and I meant it. It’s happened too many times for me to not just totally withdraw and I know that sounds dramatic, but, I don’t know, it just sucks.

In the meantime, while I figure out how to do this blogging thing again, I’ll be coming to the library on my days off of work and short days, I’ll draft up Top Ten Tuesdays and Wondrous Covers Wednesday’s so there’s something resembling consistency.

This brings me to my final section:

How would you bounce back from this? Your laptop or computer’s totally broken and you have lost almost everything blogging related that you had. You definitely lost everything ‘recent’ for the past year. What do you do? Think of new ideas? Try to remember old ones? I will take any and all advice because I’m minutes from falling apart.

Top Twelve Favorite Contemporary

Top Ten TuesdayHi everyone! Long time, no post, I know. I’m, eh, moving on…

It’s Tuesday which means it’s Top Ten Tuesday Time. Every week the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish have a new bookish list for the book blogosphere (and others) to participate in. You can see previous and future lists here.

I like today’s list because it lets me shout out some titles in my favorite genre.

Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Books Of X Genre (I know, I know. Picking all time faves. I’m MEAN. But I like knowing people’s definitive faves). Can also break it down into sub-genre if that helps?

My list is going to be over YA Contemporary.


All The Bright Places


I'll Meet You There


Perks of Being A Wallflower


Fans of The Impossible Life


More Happy Than Not


The Night We Said Yes


Emmy and Oliver




A Midsummer's Nightmare


If I Stay Where She Went


Faking Normal


What We Saw


I just thought of two other titles that have to be on here:

Falling Into Place Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe

I know, none of these books are really surprising to anyone who’s been around here before. Haha. Several of these books have made end of year lists and previous Top Ten Tuesdays. A sign I need to read more Contemporary? For sure. Still though, these books are golden.

What are some of your favorite Contemporaries? Or what are some books from your favorite genre?

It’s My SECOND Blogoversary

Guess what?

It’s my blogoversary! I can’t believe it’s been two years already. I just want to thank everyone who’s read or commented on my blog or followed me on Twitter. 🙂

I’m not doing anything super special this time around, like my series of posts last year, but I will be doing a giveaway. The giveaway? Here you go!

It will end August 31st!

The prize?

Any book you want from Book Depository for under $20.

Giveaway Rules:

  • Don’t cheat, I’ll be checking entries (and you’ll be banned from future giveaways).
  • Respond to my email/Twitter DM within 72 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

What has been YOUR biggest blogging related moment during your entire time of blogging? I think mine would be getting my most anticipated book of next year (Nowhere Near You, which I cover-revealed!) in mere days from the publicist! Oh and of course going to BEA just a couple months ago! Very exciting.

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