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Some Gradient Covers

WCW_GraphicThis is my next edition of my somewhat sporadic feature, Wondrous Covers Wednesday.

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I choose to showcase three covers with similar attributes and themes. To see past editions, you can check out my page for them here

For today’s Wondrous Covers Wednesday, I decided I’d finally share some covers I’ve loved over the past year. They’re all mostly white covers with a lot of gradient running through them. They also have somewhat the same color scheme.



You Bring The Distant Near by Mitali Perkins

~My Thoughts~

You Bring The Distant Near has such a gorgeous cover. I love the big focus on the text, but I love how it’s not so overbearing that the image doesn’t shine through. The colors are gorgeous. The image itself is so interesting. 

~Cover/Book Connection~

Well, You Bring The Distant Near spans over the time of three generations. I associate each generation with a color in the gradient which makes one whole person. It’s such an awesome way to showcase that.



Because of The Sun by Jenny Torres Sanchez

~My Thoughts~

I always love sunsets on covers and this one is interesting because of the lack of focus the image has. In addition to the sunset (of sorts), there’s a desert going on. I love how the title font is sort of fading and blowing away. It helps give that desert atmosphere.

~Cover/Book Connection~

Because of The Sun takes place in New Mexico which does have a lot of deserts in it. The main character, Dani is sent to live there with her aunt after her mother’s death. I think this is where the far-off vehicle and person standing by it come from as well. The wind’s affect on the cover also makes me think of how this book will have a lot of growth. Battling deserts, battling emotions, kind of thing.



The Thing With Feathers by McCall Hoyle

~My Thoughts~

This cover is so pretty and lyrical and it seems very “literature” to me. I don’t have too much to say about it other than I really love the colors. It’s such a soft looking cover. I’m a big fan of the title font since it has the sort of flowing feeling you expect from feathers. I think the balance between the title and feather are done really great as well.

~Cover/Book Connection~

The Thing With Feathers is one of Emily Dickinson’s poems. The title is taken from that so it’s pretty self-explanatory. The main character shares the same name as the poet, except it’s spelled Emilie. Emilie ends up doing a school project about the poet. I suspect Emily Dickinson will help Emilie a lot with overcoming her struggles.

What do you think about these covers? Which is your favorite? Can you think of any other similar ones? 


Wondrous Covers Wednesday – Cover Battle Edition


Hi everyone. I’m bringing you Wondrous Covers Wednesday, but not my normal type of post today. Well, I suppose it is like my normal type, but it’s a little more battle esque.

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I choose to showcase three covers with similar attributes and themes. To see past editions, you can check out my page for them here

In the past, I did a post on two covers that were really similar to each other. i’m going to do the same thing this time.

The covers?

We_Were_Never_Here Meet_Me_Here 


All three of these covers have a lot of similarities to each other. They all focus on either the twilight time or a bit after that with a lot of empty space at the top. They all share silhouettes in the covers. We Were Never Here and The End of Our Story both focus on people, to be more specific, a couple.

Meet Me Here is the brightest of the covers and also features stars, along with The End of Our Story. I think the lightness of Meet Me Here gives an indicator of how bright it will seem, in that it’s not as dark or sad as We Were Never Here or This Is Our Story. Meet Me Here seems like a possible title, especially when the other two as if they’re about the end of something. The arrow pointing down to the tagline helps with this idea.

I think the cover that does this scene the best is The End of Our Story just because it’s more interactive. Whereas the other two are just pretty static focusing on basic silhouettes and sunsets. The cover for We Were Never Here looks more ominous to me, which makes sense given the title and implications that the summary gives. 

I think my favorite cover would be The End of Our Story just because I’m really interested in the light action going on behind the couple as well as the motion going on with them moving closer.

What is your favorite cover out of the three? Did you notice anything about them that I didn’t mention?

Photographic Covers – Wondrous Covers Wednesday (#52)


Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I choose to showcase three covers with similar attributes and themes. To see past editions, you can check out my page for them here

Hey everyone. It’s unfortunately been forever since I did Wondrous Covers Wednesday. Oops. 😦 To be honest, I don’t really have a reason why I haven’t done it, other than lack of motivation, which accounts for basically the lack of posts I’ve done. 

I really love photography even though I don’t do much (read: any) anymore. This reminds me that I need to look at more photography, find some blogs to follow and maybe buy a camera or something.

I’ll be focusing on photography on book covers.  I’ve also decided that when possible, I’ll showcase a music video that goes along with the theme because that’s kind of fun.

I also had the most perfect video in mind as well.



Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi

I love how the cover is broken into various photographs, but pieces of hair still escape the frames. I like how they all make up a whole picture. It showcases the whole longing that the main character has in finding her birth mother.

I like the muted background given how vivid the foreground is, it makes it looks really soft.

As for the book, I love that this involves a photography assignment, focuses on family, involves a road trip.


Unscripted Joss Byrd

Unscripted Joss Byrd by Lygia Day Penaflor

The cover of Unscripted Joss Byrd really just reminds me of a Pinterest board and I want to go to wherever those pictures were taken. I think it’s actually a bulletin board, which is interesting. I really like the font and colors of it. It’s really summery.

I like how the cover is layered with the photography in the background, followed by a sheet of paper, then there’s the little post it on top. I like the added depth. Overall, this cover is just really pretty.

I’m not sure how to connect the plot to the cover, other than it looks glamorous and this book deals with a young actress.



A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody

This reminds me of a school locker. I like how the pictures are the snapshots you would get from a photo-booth.  I like how there are bits of other snapshots in it as well. The position of the A sort of bothers me a little because it blends a little into the girl’s shirt, I would have it a little more to the right. Once again, I love the background of this cover too.

Given the fact that this is about a girl who relives the same day for seven days, I find it really interesting that there are photos on the cover. This is just because when I think of pictures, I think of memories and reliving the same day over and over, well, makes memories important.

So, what do you guys think of the covers? Which one is your favorite? Have you read any of these amazing sounding titles?

All The Watery Covers – Wondrous Covers Wednesday (#51)

WCW_GraphicHi all! This is the first time I’ve done Wondrous Covers Wednesday in a while. Oops. I hadn’t quite felt like it, so I didn’t do it. If you’re not sure what Wondrous covers Wednesday is and don’t know what you’re missing, well, it’s…

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I choose to showcase three covers with similar attributes and themes. To see past editions, you can check out my page for them here

Today I thought I would finally share all the watery covers I’ve discovered this year, there are a ton, so I’m not going to say too much about them.

~Submerged In Water~

Underwater Challenger DeepThe First Time She Drowned Ten_Tiny_Breaths Fear_The_Drowning_Deep Atlantis_Rising

Underwater_Marisa.jpg The_Unbecoming_of_Mara_Dyer Of Neptune Deep_Blue Breathless_Jessica_Warman Imaginary Girls


~Looking At Water~

Lessons In Falling The Tenderness of Thieves Until We Meet Again


~Laying By The Pool~

Breathe Annie Breathe Peace_Love_and_Baby_Ducks


I adore all of these covers and their similarities.  Which is your favorite? I love the UK edition of Underwater by Marisa Reichardt and Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma. Do you have any favorites I missed? Feel free to share the cover love.

Misty Covers (Wondrous Covers Wednesday)

WCW_GraphicGood afternoon. 🙂 I’m doing Wondrous Covers Wednesday, which is my cover feature to share covers with similar attributes. You can view past posts here.

I decided I’d finally do my misty themed cover week.


Summer of Supernovas The Art of Not BreathingHow To hang A Witch by Adriana mather Everyone We've Been

Pictures take you to Goodreads links.

Are they not all just so whimsical? I want to live in them. It looks like a literal dream. The Art of Not Breathing is the old ARC cover, so it’s not the final cover, I had to use it though because it’s perfect for this post.

I love how they each have this mistiness about them in different ways. Summer of Supernovas is due to the sun, The Art of Breathing is underwater, How To Hang A Witch looks like it’s through a window and Everyone We’ve Been, well, I’m not quite sure about that one. I like the contrast between each “pairs” of covers, one’s all bright and the other is darker.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these or if you’re planning on reading these. And what you think of the covers. 🙂

Winter Is Coming (Wondrous Covers Wednesday)


Right? Winter can’t just NOT come. Oh my gosh, guys, we’re basically living in Game of Thrones where everyone talks about winter and claims winter exists but you really don’t see it until three thousand years later after people first talk about it.


I figured I would do wintery covers tonight! Why? Because supposedly the season we’re in…is in fact winter. Unless you live on the other side of the planet, in which case, well it’s not winter.

Winter Town  Chasing Brooklyn Revise   The Lovely Bones

Lovely Dark and Deep   The Tragedy Paper If I Stay








I love it, they’re all so gloomy and dark and…wintery. I like how a lot of them incorporate reflections and woods, they really give off a melancholy feeling. Out of the seven of these, I’ve read If I Stay and Wintergirls. I really loved If I Stay (which is an understatement) and did enjoy Wintergirls, even though that one was on the darker side.

What are some of your favorite wintery covers? Have you read any of these books? Do their covers suit them?

You Look Familiar. . . [Wondrous Covers Wednesday #48]

Wondrous Covers Wednesday is a weekly feature where I share my cover love by showing off three covers with common themes or attributes. You can see past posts here.

Over the past couple months I’ve noticed a lot of covers that look so similar to each other. After doing this before in the past, I thought I would showcase some more tonight. 🙂


A Thousand Nights The Forbidden Wish

~My Thoughts~

These two even have the same balance among them with the center having the most focus. They both have swirly text (which I love) and the sky in the background. I like the former more than the latter though, I’d like The Forbidden Wish more if it didn’t have the, um, cover model at the bottom. 🙂


Never Never Unhooked

~My Thoughts~

Oh gosh, from the text to the ship to the background. Similarities abound. The title have the same color font, the authors’ names are both grey, they both feature large ships. I like the former more than the latter though, the second one looks a little Middle Grade-ish?



Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here Girl Against The Universe

~My Thoughts~

These two popped out to me just last week when I was looking up Scarlett and happened to see Girl Against The Universe in the side section on Goodreads. They both feature characters laying down doing their hobby of choice (I’m assuming for GALU). Both of them have these bright backgrounds with small designs in the background, even though the one in GALU is actually a tennis court. Both titles feature embellishes on them.

Oh, the similarities though, right? I had fun doing this feature this week, let me know what you think and let me know if any similar covers you’ve seen.

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