Musical Monday (#2.5) – Story Telling Songs

~Musical Monday #2.5~

Hey everyone. It’s time for Musical Monday #2. Musical Monday is a bi-monthly new feature of mine containing two parts. The first part will be a post about a musical that I love and the second part is about storytelling stories. This feature will be every other week. This portion will contain five storytelling songs or songs with storytelling aspects.

My song choices for this week are:

1. Got It Made by Theory of a Deadman

This is one of my favorite “escape” songs. In this song two characters decide to go on a trip leaving everything behind them. I love how despite how things go wrong, such as their car running out of gas, they’re still having the time of their lives.

2. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

This song consists of two main characters also seeking to escape. The female MC asks her boyfriend if he can take her away. She tells us about her parents and her working at the convenience store. She talks about how things aren’t the best for them right now, but she knows they’ll be better. She keeps referencing their drives in this song.

3. You Were Meant For Me by Jewel

In You Were Meant For Me, we hear the main character go about her day, acting like everything’s fine although it’s not. She longs for her ex as she attempts to move on despite feeling they were meant for each other. She tries to watch a movie but still feels sad over her dream of them being together.

4. Seattle by Kari Kimmel

In Seattle, the main character is longing for their significant other as he has moved to Seattle. The main character drinks a couple glasses and thinks about moving to Seattle to be with him. At the end she gets on a flight to move to Seattle.

5. Manhattan by Sara Bareilles

In Manhattan, a couple is separated due to their wanting different things. The main character’s significant other wants to stay in Manhattan while their significant other doesn’t. The main character decides to walk away and let their ex stay in the city. Torn apart by their different paths, the couple then splits up.

My favorite song out of this list is Manhattan. 🙂 Although they’re all pretty close.



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