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Those Three Days I Got Away With Binging HTGAWM

More Than This Provincial Life is a feature at YA Indulgences where I share non blogging or book related things. Generally this feature will focus on movies, music, tv shows, etc. Anything not book or blogging related basically.

Hey everyone! It’s time for a More Than This Provincial Life post. I haven’t done one of these in foreverrr. Guess what I’ll be talking about? HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. You may have seen my tweets with the hashtag #AmberBingesHTGAWM.

And what a binge it was, I literally finished the first season and what there is of the second season in two days. I feel accomplished. That’s probably bad. Oh well. At least it’s not as bad as when I watched two and a half seasons of Degrassi with an old college roommate. #AllMyWorthIsInTVBinging

So what got me started on How To Get Away With Murder was me trying to get my cousin to watch Gilmore Girls and she wouldn’t do it, so instead I got her to go back to episode 1 of HTGAWM so I could watch. Of course, she left halfway through the episode, but you know, whatever.


But I’m not going to say it, it’ll show in my tweets that I share. 😀 I’m just so amazed right now, omggg.

Another funny thing? My cousin still isn’t caught up on HTGAWM, yet I am! But then again, she has a thing called work which takes up most of her time. More TV Binging for me then. 😉

I decided I would share my thoughts I had while watching the show! If you don’t want to read them all, you don’t have to, but I find them amusing. A little. Some. Mostly my tweets. Which I’ll be linking as well because, well, that’s what I do. This post WILL include spoilers, so if you have not seen ALL of season 1 AND part 2, there will be slight spoilers. I’ll be separating season 1 and 2 though, So yes. Proceed with caution

The tweet that started it all:

 ~All My Thoughts On How To Get Away With Murder S1~

Alternate Titles:

A Little Bit of HTGAWM, A Lot More Everything Else

Things I Discovered while watching HTGAWM

Thoughts while watching HTGAWM

  • I need an apple corer in my life.
  • OMG, LIZA PLAYS PARIS, Now I just want a VMars spin off with Paris and Veronica. Pleaseeee.
  • How great is it that Liza plays Paris AND Bonnie? It’s like omg.
  • Why’d they start making these Sweet Tarts smaller? Ugh. Annoying “Know your serving, 13 pieces”. They meant box*
  • Why must the cheater always get mad at the cheatee? Sigh.
  • Nice tactic though, make it look like she had a reason to be suspicious so she didn’t look like she was cheating herself.
  • She is such a liar though and I see right through it.
  • I don’t think she’s the one Waitlist is protecting though. It’s whoever he lives next to.
  • Ooh, this one girl’s thinking. What is it…
  • “No, he’s a hunter, he knows how to kill.” Get it girl whose name I still don’t know! Heck yeah.
  • There you go!
  • Yesss, I love Waitlist, he knows what he’s talking about. Or at least, he’s smart about what he thinks. One day I’ll know his name. Today’s not that day.
  • “The quiet ones are usually the most dangerous.” “What the hell just happened?”
  • I. Love. It.
  • Oh snap, what is Bonnie hiding? MAYBE SHE’S THE ONE THEY’RE PROTECTING. Ooh…
  • This may have hit a bit too close to home.
  • Not that anyone murdered anyone though, that I know of, that I personally know.
  • And here we go with the “I’m just going to check their phone real quick” sigh.
  • Ahhh, so she thinks her husband was screwing Lila which I bet leads to her killing Lila which leads to her husband finding out which leads to the college kids killing/finishing off her murder of her husband. Mystery solved? (Theory)
  • Second sex scene of the episode, great…
  • Then again, I made it through Game of Thrones which was a lot worse with just about everything so…
  • Oh okay, wait, so my theory, but in reverse. I bet her husband killed her, then Annaleise finds out, which leads to her husband wanting to kill her/attempting to kill her, which leads to her (accidentally) killing him, which leads to the college kids finishing off the murder of her husband. Now is the mystery solved?
  • Almost everyone has a lock on their phone these days, now where/who is HTGAWM’s resident hacker? They’re useful for these kinds of shows. 
  • Okay, so the murder’s not that easy.
  • Omg, they are protecting her.
  • Oh, I bet Rebecca did it.
  • Hmm, Walsh has the trophy which was uncovered in the murder of Sam…
  • Oh man, Sam was lying about going to the meeting. Or he was in a hotel room somewhere…with a student?
  • Omggg, that guy dated her boyfriend, ha. #AmberBingesHTGAWM And the plot thickens.
  • Omg, Bonnie is SO Paris. I can’t take it anymore, I love ittttt. #AmberBingesHTGAWM
  • That’s going to get old fast for people.
  • Omg, the girl they just let out is a fugitive for bombing something or other, omg.
  • On the contrary Paris, everything DOES in fact involve a murderer.
  • From here on out, I shall call Bonnie as Paris. If you don’t know who Paris is or who forgets who Paris is…I’m sorry. Now go watch Gilmore Girls before the next HTGAWM.
  • Patty Hearst! Now I can only think of that Patty Hearst song…
  • Omg, is this girl the girl that plays Melissa on Pretty Little Liars.
  • Nope, false alarm, my bad. Hopes dashed.
  • Omg omg omg, Wes has the phone that Rebecca left, which has a caller talking about Lila knowing a person that could hook him up. Omggg, Lila did drugs. Omggggg, Lila was killed by Rebecca.
  • Okay, so Lila didn’t do drugs, she just hung around a lot of people. She has secrets, I like secrets. Let’s hope her secret’s a little better than Lily Kane’s. Speaking of Lily, sounds like Lila will be HTGAWM’s very own Lily Kane and Laura Palmer. My gosh do these murder mystery writers like L names. And Blondes.
  • I’m very disappointed I haven’t thought of this beforehand.
  • They should’ve named these shows, How To Get Away with Murdering Blonde Teenagers with L Initials.
  • Okay, so that wasn’t my best, um, whatever the word is* insult/smartass remark. I’ll try harder next time.
  • How To Get Away With Murdering L initialed Blonde Teenagers
  • Sounds like a Panic! At The Disco song.
  • I don’t hate it.
  • Come back Ryan Ross!
  • Right, HTGAWM.
  • Lololol, boyfriend did it.
  • Lololol, don’t swear to God when you JUST talked about how you had A. Cheated on your girlfriend, B. Had sex and C. Broke a vow you made to God.
  • Oh you silly characters.
  • Why do the rich guys always make me side eye them? They’re just never convincing, they always sound so fake.
  • Oh Wes, you’re so sneaky.
  • This would have been better as a VMARS scene. And it would’ve had a cool voiceover.
  • Oh no no no, I can’t take a show seriously where you’re not a lawyer and don’t quiet your voice down. Hello, cameras????
  • Mark this tweet, the downfall of HTGAWM and it only took less than two episodes. Come unraveling now, show. Seriously, what is he doing just talking to her at the jail all loud, like, hello, there are CAMERAS around and they probably record you which means they can find out, WES, that you’re not a public defender. Shake my head so hard. This scene reminds me of one in Veronica Mars and it WAS much better than this. Sorry.

*looks at first tweet about show* (Eight hours ago)

  • Oh, I should be on like the eighth episode by now. My bad. (Still on the second episode)
  • Oh okay, now they lower their voices, good, some redemption.
  • So I know Wes trying to help was really stupid, but why would you just throw him out like that? Never mind, I know. Because it’s really stupid.
  • A gay guy & a bisexual guy locked away in a boarding school in boring New Hampshire? Why it sounds like a John Green novel!
  • Ok so husband finds out that Annaleise is helping Rebecca who actually killed Lila so then husband gets murdered by Annaleise and then has the college kids cover up the murder, leading to Wes helping Rebecca. Mhm. Mystery solved? (4:38am) (28.59 minutes into third episode) (I was really helpful about this one)
  • Oh snap, cult guy turned on what’s her name/bomber. Dang, I guess I should’ve seen it coming.
  • Oh, it was a set up, how Veronica Mars-esque
  • Omg, Annaleise’s boyfriend lied about her husband’s whereabouts!
  • Those two totally hooked up, Bonnie and Annaleise’s husband. (Ep 3)
  • “Am I the only one psyched about this? We get to be SPIES”. Yes<3 S1E4
  • That guy just killed himself…my feelings…I can’t…
  • “You’re no longer a lawyer, you’re a detective in an interrogation.”
  • Oh wow, that’s Analeise’s phone…that’s why she kills him or he kills her, the other finds out
  • Wow, Annaleise tries really hard to maintain her image. 😦
  • Oh no, this first juror is totally lying about everything, the english teacher.


Oh my gosh, I bet Sam totally killed Lyla. I like Rebecca’s tendency to seemingly worry over him.

YESSSSS, Wes knows about Annaleise and Sam. I’m team Rebecca.


I love this episode.

OMGGGGG, What’s his name, rich guy is screwing Paris.


Reminds me of Vivian Darkbloom I DON’T TRUST THIS GIRL AT ALL.


Sam is trash too, kissing Paris, ugh.


  • I think I liked it before the murder was found out. Hmm.
  • Ooh, Frank and Rebecca confrontation over Rebecca lying about Sasha. Hmm. I don’t really remember who Sasha is anymore…
  • Wow, those two dumb lawyer people talking about Annaliese need to quit. Wow.
  • They’re going to turn themselves in, ten dollars said they don’t go through with it or pin it on someone else.
  • Awww,“Look, if Aiden doesn’t want to marry you, it just means there’s someone better around the corner”, that is like the nicest thing he ever said!
  • Oh and Wes and Rebecca are at the station when Laurel, Michaela and that one guy are at the station.
  • Laurel told Frank what happened…Laurel goes sees Wes and tells her that that he knew which means Anneliese knows (but Laurel doesn’t know that) he knows but now she does and Laurel says that Michaela and what’s his name are going to confess and blame it on Wes and Rebecca.
  • Ooh, the sister in law is in town now.


Hamrick Hotel, Phildelphia Christmas Day

Anneliese sleeping. Nate calls, doesn’t answer

December 26th-Dec. 31st, wakes up, drinks, flashbacks.

Oh wow, this woman says her husband is holding two girls captive…

North Philadelphia, Christmas Day, Wes&Rebecca

Ooh, Rudy’s family sent Rudy a card but Rudy doesn’t live there anymore. What’s up with this. Mysterious…

Oh I bet this woman is lying, whoa, she’s going to make Ann look bad.

West Palm Beach, Christmas Day: Laurel being unimpressed with her dad

THEORY: Bonnie killed Lyla and Sam tried to cover it up.

Ohhhh, Laurel speaks spanish, I love it. I didn’t know she was Mexican or Latina.

Sam’s sister is obnoxious.



Grand Rapids, Michigan,Christmas Eve-Connor

Connor’s car went missing, asked Frank about it, he said to report it. Hmm. Who stole the car…

Woman drugged the girls, I knew as soon as she said she gave them milk, gah.

“Our little girl. Lyn deserves to keep this one”, so she said “Our…” and she said “this one”, was there a previous, previous one…

YES, GO WES, “OUR” YES, WE ARE GENIUSES. So Wes thinks the woman kept the baby.

Wow, yep, the one she said was dead is actually alive and she’s been raising her.

Fishtown, Philadelphia, Christmas Eve=Rich guy

Gracie Mansion, New Years Even=Michaela

  • Um, I don’t think it’s a wise decision to have a captive watch a child of the wife of the captor.
  • Anneliese had Nate contact a police officer with a lead on Sam in another area.
  • “If you want me to handle it, just say the word”
  • THEORY: Omg, Anneliese had Frank kill Lyla I’m guessing.
  • Anneliese tells Sam’s sister about him being gone and trying to cover his tracks about messing around with Lyla. Sam’s remains are found in the landfill and is under investigation.
  • Omg, about Rudy, Rebecca called the cops on him “that night”, he was arrested 

Ep. 13

  • Paris Paris Paris theme episode. Yayyyy. Liza Weil needs her own show. ❤
  • Wes lied to Rebecca about having to be at the library, ooh.
  • Rudy had mental breakdown and od’d on drugs and was taken to a mental institution the same night as Lila’s death. Ooh.
  • YES, GO LAUREL, pulling a fake id for her and Wes pretending they’re married to talk to Rudy.


Rebecca’s going to the campus police. Hmm.

And then all my thoughts stopped there and I most tweeted during those last two episodes.

If you’re interested, I made a Storify of my favorite tweets from my first season watching. There are a couple Pretty Little Liars spoilers in the Storify… Some of my thoughts and tweets overlap because sometimes I went more in-depth in my “thoughts”

So the thing I found really funny about Gilmore Girls and HTGAWM is that Liza Weil is in both shows and I was trying to make my cousin watch GG.

So, judging by of my thoughts, I’m going to pat myself on the back for guessing the murderer right! YAY. I knew Frank did it, I’d just figured Annalise had set it up, but I clearly think of her as more “evil” than I should.


Here is the start of my season two thoughts which DOES include spoilers so unless you’ve watched all of season two, don’t read this section!

Theory: Okay, so Bonnie killed Rebecca because she knows Frank killed Lyla and would go to the cops OR Bonnie killed Rebecca because she had something to do with Frank. (S1E1)

Theory: Wes kills Annalise because he knows Bonnie killed Rebecca OR he kills her because she lead him on (E1)

Those were my only thoughts, except for two later theories, but they don’t matter.

BOOM! I got these two right out of the park, mostly. Bonnie did kill Rebecca, which I knew because Bonnie was slowly losing it. I knew Wes would end up injuring Annalise over Rebecca and I was righttttt. YAY!

Here is my Storify of Tweets for season two. I didn’t tweet nearly as much. This was because I was mostly writing down relevant information about the show to figure out the murders.

Yay! So I thought this was fun. If you’ve seen How To Get Away With Murder tell me what you think about it and recommend me a similar show, with shorter seasons, I like short seasons. Did you know who did it? 


Everyone Just Breathe In. Breathe Out.

More Than This Provincial Life is a feature at YA Indulgences where I share non blogging or book related things. Generally this feature will focus on movies, music, tv shows, etc. Anything not book or blogging related basically. 🙂
Hilary Duff Storify
Hilary Duff Storify
Hilary Duff Storify
Hilary Duff Storify
You all knew this was an inevitable post right? I mean, I’ve clearly given enough warning on Twitter about my Hilary Duff obsession. Of course, none of you knew until you saw me going insane over Hilary’s new music this past month. But I did mention that snippet of “Sparks” in a past post and then the full song in another.
Not that any of you needed a warning? Right? Right? Wrong?? Well then.
Cadet Kelly Gif
Maybe I should give a little preface about this Hilary Duff addiction so you all aren’t shell shocked. 😉
Hilary Duff Come Clean
It all started with
Which is just a no-brainer. Am I right? I am! I’ll spare you all the details about how when I was seven and eight I totally thought it’d be so cool to be 13 and how awesome life would be when I was that age…
Oh my gosh, I just discovered I was actually around her age in this series! What in the world? How did I not know this? I was ten when this premiered. That’s kind of close to seven….
And I was 13 when it ended! Go figure. 
Moving on!
Yeah, nothing very interesting happened to me in middle school! Like, at all! The only vaguely interesting thing that ever happened to me was when like, a ‘friend” put nail glue all over the room!
Lizzie Mcguire
She got us in trouble, we didn’t get to go to the school party (in the gym) and like, I took the fall for her because she guilt tripped me! So yeah, the highlight of my eighth grade year did not involve meeting Aaron Carter.
Lizzie Mcguire Aaron Carter
Or dating Frankie Muniz, 
Lizzie Mcguire Frankie Muniz
And it certainly didn’t involve getting mistaken for an Italian popstar.
Lizzie Mcguire Paolo
This also was not the highlight of my 8th grade summer.
Lizzie Mcguire
My life was pretty much like this:
Lizzie Mcguire
Just singing into a brush (not well, I might add).
But never mind about me and my life! This post is about HILARY.  Let me just point out the foreshadowing between her singing at the beginning of the Lizzie Mcguire movie and then ending up with the, well, the picture of her with the purple lights.
After Lizzie Mcguire, I fell in love with Cadet Kelly! This was one of my most anticipated Disney Channel movies EVER. I remember being so excited about seeing the clothes (in a wardrobe background snippet) they would use in the movie. Haha. 🙂 ❤
This inevitably lead to me falling in love with her music! Metamorphosis being the first album<3 “So Yesterday”, “Come Clean”, and “Why Not” hit me first, being her three most successful songs. A little later I got hooked on “Sweet Sixteen” and “Metamorphosis”.
In high school, after watching A Cinderella Story, I fell in love with Anywhere But Here. Finally, “Where Did I Go Right”, “Workin’ It Out” and “Little Voice” got me. As for the others? Er, I have to admit I still haven’t really listened to them (The Math, Love Just Is, Party Up and Inner Strength). Oh well!
Then I self-titled album came out which I really listened to in high school and fell in love with Who’s That Girl, Dangerous To Know and The Getaway which all hit so close to home for me. I found them very relatable, I’d replay them a lot<3. I was into Fly, Jericho and Someone’s Watching Over Me after watching Raise Your Voice. I fell out with her after that album though and missed the greatness that was Dignity.
In between all that, Hilary was in A Cinderella Story and The Perfect Man. Oh, A Cinderella Story<3 I had a giant replicated (I’m guessing) movie poster on my bedroom door for years! I loved that movie. A Cinderelal Story made me fall in love with “Now You Know”. It, once again, hit very close to home Now You Know is not on any album! Which is a crime, I don’t even think the one in the movie. I think that was sung by Kara Dioguardi. . .
This past year I discovered Hilary in The Perfect Man which I watched. Every. Single. Time it came on HBO/Starz (one of the two). Literally. Every single time. Multiple times a day. I love that movie. SHE’S A BLOGGER IN THE MOVIE. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? AND IT’S LIKE YOU’VE GOT MAIL. I JUST LOVE IT.
Then a month or two ago I discovered I had the movie on one of those compilation dvds, but never watched it when I bought that. Last year. Oops.
Now, you’re probably asking “Amber, why are you so enthusiastic about Hilary Duff?” Well, clearly I love her. Obviously. And…
Breathe In Breathe Out Hilary DuffThis is what I would like to call, the album of summer.
Lizzie Mcguire
Now I will go into detail about each and every single song! YAY!
I was not completely sold on this song when I first heard it. However, it’s grown on me! It’s grown on me quite a bit. I love the whistling part and it makes me sad that I am without that capability. I cannot whistle, thus, I cannot do the whistle parts. Sad day.
You can promise castles, treasures, babies,
I don’t care
’cause for now you’re just enough for me
I want you near.
Like a fairytale to feel your breath right on my neck,
you remember what I love so baby take me back.
My Kind:
Screw teams, I want to meet “one of my kind”.
Think you’re one of my kind,
You’re one of my kind
One In A Million:
That chorus guys, hear that chorus! It freaking slays.
I’m one in a million (million, million, million)
I’m one in a million (million, million, million)
And you’re going down without me
You’re wishing you had someone like me
I’m one in a million (million, million, million)
This is the song that almost sent me over, it really did. I almost died. I blame the
“You happened and I tripped headfirst,
your heaven is a place on earth”
Belinda Carlisle sample of sorts she used there! That was just, ugh, amazing! I freaked out.
And the first verse. And the chorus. This is one of my favorites.
Breathe In Breathe Out:
And this is the song that completely unraveled me, which you can see from my above tweets. Ha!
This song needs to just smash this summer.
It reminds me of The One That Got Away by Katy Perry and Someone by Kelly Clarkson.
In other words, it’s so so so lovely.
No more rain or shine,
well I guess this is goodbye,
I made a top ten list
of all the things I missed
your lying eyes and lips,
they didn’t make it
and when I’m cold at night
I know that I’ll survive,
but until I feel alright,
I’m going to fake it.
Breathe in. Breathe out…
I seriously almost cried and I was just like “Oh my gosh, she’s here!” But I didn’t! Because that’s weird. . .
It is just pop hit after pop hit for the first seven songs. Seriously. 
We’re falling apart, we’re falling apart
like a house of cards
and I know in my heart,
I know in my heart,
that this has gone too far
I’m done with your
lies, la-la-la-lies, 
lies, la-la-la-lies
I’m done with your
lies, la-la-la-lies
Arms Around A Memory:
This is in my top three favorite songs for this album. Which is more like top five. Which is actually more like top SEVEN. This album is a pop goldmine!
You’re reaching for a hand that’s in the past. . .
So will you remember to forget me?
You can’t put your arms around a memory.
A memory. . .
Slay slay slay.
Is she not perfection? She IS! 
Stay In Love:
This is the third song to really click with me. I love the first verse of it so much. The chorus is pretty great too.
Remember when I said I’d die for you?
Every single day pretend it’s true.
Remember when I said I’d die for you?
Holding on just for the weekend.
X Marks the spot where we left our hearts
and x marks the spot where we fell apart. ❤
I love the short phrases that the verses take. They’re seriously some of my favorite lines of the album.
Passion washed away,
fake it, fate today,
please give up and just say goodbye.
Brave Heart:
I find this song just super inspirational. ❤
Gotta let go even though I’m scared to death,
out here alone but I’ve still got one thing left,
I’ve got a brave heart, I’ve got a brave heart,
I’ve got a brave heart…
This is where her album takes a bit of a folky sound which was a jarring change in the beginning, but it’s definitely grown on me. I don’t think it’s such a huge “leap” anymore from her previous sound. It goes great with the “Breathe In.” “Breathe Out.” of the album. 
Look at this amazing acoustic performance! It tears me apart! APART.
And I know,
you’re under my skin
running in my bloodstream.
These scars are the way that you loved me.
I guess that you had to leave a tattoo
on my skin
running in my bloodstream,
These scars are the way that you loved me
I guess that you had to leave a tattoo
to remind me.
This is one of the songs that just really makes me want to write more like I used to. Oh! I made this comment on Twitter and I’m going to say it on here, if you have watched Friday Night Lights and seen Lyla and Tim’s relationship of sorts, do you think this song is very relative to them? I don’t know if it’s the folky sound or the lyrics, but it just screams “LYLA AND TIM” to me. Someone please watch and confirm me.<3
Picture This:
I just really love this song.
t’s not how I pictured this,
it’s better than it
but we regret the things we said.
Picture it getting better than this, 
let it live inside our head,
let our hearts cross the line, it’s time
I pictured this, it’s better than it,
let’s leave it where we’ll both be missed
Night Like This:
This song FINALLY clicked with me the other day. For the longest time (you know, a whole WEEK), I was just not into it. Then after I kept regularly visiting this Hilary Duff thread on Popjustice (go on there!), I discovered someone listing out some lyrics and saying how they liked them. After realizing how the lyrics were, I fell in love. Hard.
[Hilary Duff:]
It’s so hard to get a cab in midnight on Friday
[Kendall Schmidt:]
Where you going?
[Hilary Duff:]
[Kendall Schmidt:]
So am I
Sit right here where it’s dry
And if said you’re going my way
[Hilary Duff:]
Well maybe we should share a ride
❤ I love love love this song now. It’s really a great album closer and before I was just like “Eh” and now I’m like “YES, MY SUMMER ANTHEM, I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN FOR ME.”.
Cause anything can happen on a night like this,
a night like this.
Our hands fit just the right way,
our legs tangled up in the small place
the world outside feels far away
as I get to know you.
1. Breathe In. Breathe Out.
2. Stay In Love
3. Arms Around A Memory
4. Confetti
5. Night Like This
6. One In A Million
7. Lies
Cause we’re the young, brave hearted ones
And we can leave our story like nothing ever told
Until we taste our glory, we’ll bare our skin and bones
This is our territory, it’s all we’ve ever known
We’re right where we belong
. . .
When was the last time you did something for the first time?
When was the first time you did something for the last time?
Let’s find a million things that we could do the first time
You never know, oh, this could be the last time.
And this is the second most inspirational song on the album. I will admit that the “hey, hey, hey, hey” part reminds me of What Dreams Are Made Of (The song with Hilary & purple lights above!) #NotComplaining.
Rebel Hearts:
Let me just say that I love all the “heart” references! There are at least three and I freaking love it so so so so so so so much.
We’ve got those rebel hearts.
And here is my third most inspirational song. Such a shame they’re only on the deluxe version, I know! “Amber! How did you not buy the deluxe version?” It’s only available at Target and I bought mine online!
I suppose this is it for my blog post. Moral of this post?
Spotify Web Link

I Will Go Down With This Ship (Steroline from TVD)

Welcome to my second post for my “More Than This Provincial Life”  features. More Than This Provinical Life is a feature where I showcase things that aren’t book or blogging related. They will most likely involve tv shows, anime, and movies.
I have a confession,
my own secret obsession,
and it’s making me lose control
(Stick to The Status Quo from HSM)
Seriously. Steroline, it’s just like, omg, Stefan + Caroline= Amber Very Happy. This will include spoilers.
~Why Stefan and Caroline Need To Happen~
He saved her multiple times.
He helped her as a vampire. ❤

The Vampire Diaries

They have multiple dance scenes.

The vampire Diaries

Dance_3 Dance 1 Dance_2 Steroline_5x5_Dance Steroline_Dance
He only trusted her after he lost his memory. ❤
Their relationship has been slow burning.
Trust_Each_Other We_Tell_Eachother_TVD Friends
Despite Caroline being Pro-Stelena (before now), Paul Wesley (plays Stefan) is totally for Caroline and Stefan.
That’s my fear too…
They have a really beautiful thing that starts blossoming. But, you know, it’s a little confusing for both of them, but there’s definitely going to be some exploration of that. And I really enjoy working with [Candice] and there’s definitely going to be a little bit of that going on. But, you know, I don’t really know whether it’s going to last, or whether the friendship is going to override that romance, but I think, eventually, we are going to get what we want – which is them coming together and having some sort of a romance. I just don’t know to what degree.”
Taken from The Vampire Diaries: Paul Wesley on Steroline, Stelena and the end of TVD
Have more faith than that Paul! HAVE MORE FAITH!

Stefan tells Caroline she reminds him of her best friend, Lexi. I found this video! It’s so cute (of Stefan and Lexi, not Caroline).

Lexi is pro Steroline.
Start this one at 4:02, it’s a continuation of the above one:
Okay, so maybe that’s not completely “pro Steroline”, but still. 🙂 Close enough.
They are supportive of each other.
Stefan told Caroline it’s okay to make mistakes and no one has the right to judge her.
He defended her against Elena in the latest episode.
Caroline helped Stefan when he was dealing with his blood craze.
They are almost always there for each other. 

The Vampire Diaries

They look so cute together, I mean seriously, look at this:
the Vampire Diaries

That’s so precious

Caroline’s not afraid to call Stefan out on his crap.
The Vampire Diaries

This is/was true.

Liz is pro-Steroline
Despite the fact they’ve gone through rough patches, they always end up turning to each other.
Steroline (The Vampire Diaries)

She needs you!

The Vampire Diaries

They’re great friends.
Stefan_Makes_Jokes Stefan_Have-Fun
And then they have scenes like these below:
The Vampire Diaries (Stefan and Caroline)

I can’t take it, it’s so cute.


The Vampire Diaries

Overall, I just love Steroline. I love their friendship, I love how Stefan is around Caroline, I love how Caroline is always there for Stefan, I love how they can have fights and make up. I. Just. Love. Them. They’re precious.

What Is Veronica Mars?

This is the first post for my “More Than This Provinicial Life” feature which will delve into different shows, movies, musicals, anime and other non-book related, possibly life related stuff that I want to talk about. Enjoy. 🙂
What Is Veronica Mars?
Alternate titles were:
  • What Do You Mean You Don’t Watch Veronica Mars?
  • What Are You Doing With Your Life?
  • You Have That ARC I Want
One thing you may not know about me is that I love Veronica Mars. Like love her. Like, if she were on fire and I were on fire and you happened to have a hose to put one of us out, I’d tell you to save her.
Yeah, that’s a bit of a bizarre metaphor/simile/example/”A”-word-I-Can’t-Think-Of, just go with it. The point is, I. love. Veronica. Mars.
Now what is Veronica Mars you ask?
The Little MermaidVeronica Mars is one of the best tv shows ever made.
“But Amber, you still marathon Boy Meets World and Degrassi and you haven’t watched a quarter of the new shows since the 90s”
Well yes, that is true, but Veronica Mars is the best.
Here’s the lowdown on it.
A girl named Veronica is thrust into social ostracization after she sides with her dad who accuses “the most powerful guy in town” of killing his own daughter, Lily, Veronica’s best friend. Veronica loses her friends, her boyfriend, and her mother. In the midst of this, Veronica copes by trying to find the murderer and is still dealing with her own life. 

Reasons Why I Love Veronica Mars 

(And You Will To)

1. There is an arc-long mystery
The great thing about Veronica Mars is how there are clues and reveals throughout the entire first season for who the murderer is. Unlike Pretty Little Liars, Veronica’s able to solve the mystery within a very reasonable amount of time.


Besides the main mystery in season one, every episode involves Veronica doing a case, these cases vary greatly. 
2. Veronica takes no bs
Veronica while being ostracized from her peers and old friends, sheds her skin from before Lily’s murder happens. Instead of the goody two shoes she once was, she’s now a harder, tougher, more resilient character. She doesn’t let anyone get her down and has no problem defending herself.
Veronica Mars

Yes, that is a TASER in her hand

3. Best. Theme. Song. Ever.
You pretty much don’t get much better than this. This theme song fits the show perfectly. I don’t think I’ve heard a more fitting theme song to a show ever. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.
A long time ago we used to be friends
but I haven’t thought of you lately at all
if ever again, a greeting I send to you,
short and sweet to the soul is all I intend.
4. It’s smart
The dialogue, the storylines, the characters, they’re all just so smart. This show doesn’t talk down to teen audiences at all. Veronica’s of course the shining example of this as she goes to any length to get to the bottom of the mystery and she’s beyond smart when it comes to people trying to pull one over. There’s also so much depth to each of the characters from the bad boy, Logan, Lily’s ex boyfriend to Weevil, the leader of a motorcycle gang to Wallace, Veronica’s best friend.
5. Flawed Characters
As awesome as Veronica is, she’s definitely not without flaws. She can come across as self-involved in solving Lily’s murder, she always asks for favors but it is sort of hard to be friends with.
She can come across as a hard ass (for lack of better terms), she’s a bit closed off from people, she can be arrogant, she’s not always the best person to be in a relationship with and she’s extremely cynical (for good reasons).


Despite Veronica being rough around the edges, you can’t help loving her. She’s witty, determined,  brave, smart, kind, and just. If she ever does anything “bad” to someone, it’s normally because they deserved it. Although she can definitely do some questionable things. At the end of the day, she’s just trying to live her life.
6. Veronica’s Home Life
You would think dealing with her best friend’s murder would be hard enough on her and it definitely is, but that doesn’t mean it’s all Veronica has to deal with. Veronica definitely doesn’t have the most perfect home life when we meet her. Her mother’s left her and her father after Lily’s murder and makes no attempt to contact Veronica. Luckily for Veronica, her dad, Keith is always there for her no matter what. He helps her in anyway he can and genuinely cares about Veronica. The father/daughter relationship is one of the greatest parent/teen relationships I’ve ever seen.
Dad_Two Dad_One
7. Veronica is a freaking detective
Like a legit detective, she’s paid for her services, she solves serious and minor crimes. She figures out all the cases the incompetent police department can’t or don’t even care about. Everyone comes to her for help, whether they know her or not and she generally always helps.
8. Veronica is a social outcast
Like I said, Veronica’s ostracized from all of her classmates, she’s not well liked and has a bit of a reputation. I love that though. It’s rare to see a character whose a social outcast that is still so comfortable with who they are. Veronica’s definitely confident in who she is and what she does. 

“Trouble Is A Friend” just came to mind….


Oh yeah, she occasionally sees the school counselor.

Yes, she is awesome. 
9. She’s so sarcastic!
And yes, that is one of the main reasons I love Veronica Mars. She’s so sarcastic almost to a fault, but she’s amazing.
10. Hilarious
Veronica is overall hilarious. As are so many of the other characters like Wallace, Weevil and Logan. 
10. The Social Class Issue
One of my favorite aspects of Veronica Mars besides the amazing dialogue and humor is the social inequality there is in Neptune. Veronica Mars is big on social class. In the beginning, before Lily died, Veronica hung out with the popular kids, the 009ers whose parents are ambassadors or work for ambassadors or some other rich, important, job. Veronica’s family never had too much money, but she got a free pass into their world when she dated Duncan. 
“If you go here, your parents are either millionaires, or your parents work for millionaires,”
Veronica’s then in her own social class, not an 009, not a PCHer. She’s not exactly rich, but not poor either. Although this isn’t consistent throughout the entire series, as far as the first season goes, she pretty much is in the middle of the two classes. 
“People might think of Neptune as glamorous, home to movie stars and captains of industry, But when the class war comes, Neptune will be ground zero. It’s a Springsteen song. Get out while you’re young.”
11. The Issues
From murders to abandoning moms, from social class to rape, from transexuals to cults, from mobs to abuse, Veronica Mars does not back away from the issues and I love it all the more for it.
12. Swoon
And of course, what would this amazing teen drama be without a grand romance or two? There are a couple moments in this series that make me swoon.


13. Unpredictable
Veronica Mars always kept me on my toes, even when I thought I knew who the murderer would be, I was surprised to find out I was wrong. There’s a wide variety of cases, some big and small, and the conclusions to them are all surprising.
14. Soundtrack
Every show is only as good as it’s most amazing song, I’ve talked about the theme song, now let me dive into the other musical devices. This features Tegan and Sara, David Garza (with the song Butterflies<3), The Postal Service, Spoon, Mike Doughty,
15. The Characters
You’re going to fall in love with the characters, you will. What I love about the characters is that they all have elaborate backgrounds. You know how in some shows or books, you hear about their background, but you never really see it? I know this happens with Lily’s murder in the beginning, but for all of the other characters, we see their home lives. There’s a wide array of characters in this show with unique backgrounds and issues. We see Veronica’s home life, Logan’s home life, Weevil’s home life and Wallace’s home lives. We learn about the students around the school. It’s all just so freaking diverse.
Okay, Veronica Mars is a cult favorite, so it didn’t do too well on the CW/WB when it was first on there. It got cancelled after the third season (and it’s the worst mistake ever made). Ten years later, the writer of the show, Rob Thomas writes a screenplay, puts up a Kickstarter campaign and the fans raise the money in less than a week (I believe). Tons of people loved this show SO much, they donated money to it’s cause. If that doesn’t prove how awesome this show is, I don’t know what is (besides all of Veronica’s attributes).

Indeed it is.

Well now that I listed fifteen sixteen completely valid reasons for why you should have watched Veronica Mars years ago, go forth, my future marshmallows. Go forth and swoon, flail and fangirl. I believe Walmart has the first season for $9.96, at least they do here, go see and buy it! 🙂 (Thank you Walmart<3). 

More Than This Provincial Life (Intro)

Hey everyone. Here’s a new feature at YA Indulgences. While I have Amber’s Rambles which is mostly for book and blog talk, I thought I needed something that did not…wait for it….involve books or blog talk. Hence, “More Than This Provincial Life”.
If you think that title sounds familiar, you would be correct because those are some of the great lyrics from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, AKA, the best animated movie ever to be created, (though I’m not counting Bluth’s Anastasia so technically I’m cheating).
Beauty and The Beast

They’re both pretty amazing though, let’s be honest.

So, this feature will include posts about my own life, personal stuff, interesting stuff, shows I have to shove down your throat, and any obsessions I may have. In short, non-blogging/book related posts. They will still be discussions though, at least generally. 🙂
I’m hoping this will be a great feature that will be done a couple times a month. I already have a post planned, but I’m going to write about that next week. Haha. Mostly because it deserves it’s own post and so I can rave much more heavily about it. A hint? It’s about a tv show that I’m making everyone a couple people watch, but it will soon be everyone.

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