Weekly Recap #26

Weekly recap is a pretty self explanatory post. I recap what’s happened in my life, in the blogging world, on my blog and what’s coming up.
~My Life~
Life, what to say about that exactly? There’s a bit of family drama going on right now, but that’s kind of the regular. My mood has been seriously decreasing over the past week and a half in a negative way. I’ve been really mentally exhausted, which is why I haven’t been commenting much on blogs. On the bright side, I did have some blog inspiration to finally write a post I’ve been wanting to, which you’ll see below.
~What You May Have Missed~
Will Watson so kindly created a guest playlist for his book, Anything Could Happen on Musical Monday.
I talked about movies that I wanted to become books so I could read them all!
I showcased three covers featuring mostly black backgrounds and intricate designs for Wondrous Covers Wednesday.
I shared my reading experience involving The Fault In Our Stars, not what you may expect. 🙂
~Coming Up Next Week~
Well, Armchair BEA starts next week, so I’m not positive about everything I’ll be posting. Speaking of Armchair BEA, regular BEA also starts next week. Of course. Cue the tears. 😦 I could have totally gone guys. WHY DIDN’T I PAY FOR STUFF LAST YEAR WHEN I COULD HAVE? Oh, right, I was still super newish to the blogosphere, didn’t really know anyone and could not, would not, go to BEA without rooming with anyone because…
“I’m a New Yorker, fear’s my life”
THAT quote is from RENT in the song “Life Support”. I’m also unfortunately not a New Yorker.
Ah, RENT… A lovely musical that takes place in New York City, center of the universe….
If you can’t tell, I am seriously seriously broken hearted about not going to BEA, especially since it’s going to Chicago next year. D: But I heard it may be going back to NYC in ’17? I don’t know, hopefully it goes back though. I want to go to New York. 😦 I want to gooo. Ugh…
Oh well, it’s fine, they’ll be a lot of people and lines and walking and it’ll be hot and do I really want to deal with that? I would deal with all of that just to go. Of course not! Nope. No way. 
It’s okay, I’ll go to BEA next year, plus, Chicago’s a lot closer to Kansas anyway. Okay, no more moping. Let’s see what you guys have been up to this past week.
~In The Blogosphere~
Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages talks about when writing a review feels impossible.
Cristina @ Girl In The Pages asks if we’re too hard on our female heroines.
Brittany @ The Book Addicts Guide discusses book event personalization guilt.
Amanda @ Beautiful Bookish Butterflies tells about how our blogs can help our resumes.
Ashley @ Nose Graze gives us a tip about what to do with un-searchable blogs.
Gillian @ Writer of Wrongs tells us how to get through the pain of favorite books or shows being pushed back.
Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway talks about ten things you should know about her before BEA.
Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight plays Never Have I Ever, bookish style and gives you a guide to herself for BEA.
Val @ The Innocent Smiley tells you what you can expect from her at BEA.
~Reading Progress~
I also started Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham which is good as well. Female teen detectives can NOT go wrong in my (nonexistent) book.

Well….that’s pretty much it from me. Oh! Wait, okay, I have a tentative post date for TOMORROW on Lauren’s blog @ Bookmark Lit for her Inside and Out guest feature.
Also, I am trying to start up a guest post/interview type feature that was inspired by my TFIOS post I wrote on Thursday. Here’s my idea, bloggers will be given an interview and/or will tell their story about reading a certain book. Whatever book you choose. 🙂 Where they read it, how it may have affected your feelings about the book, what you may have taken away from it. I just want to hear stories about your stories with reading certain books.
The feature (if it takes off) will be called “Oh! The Places You’ll Read” inspired by what else than Dr. Seuss Oh The Places You’ll Go. If you are interested in this, let me know in the comments, on Twitter, email me (yaindulgences.gmail.com) or fill out my contact form. I have one person already interested in this so it would be really fantastic if some bloggers/friends would like to give this a spin. 🙂
To all you BEA goers, have fun! To all you non BEA goers, participate in Armchair BEA with me! I hope everyone has a great week.

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Amber is a 20-something woman who enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and taking walks. She has a book blog called YA Indulgences . She is still trying to figure out what she's doing with her life, but she's confident that time will tell. In the meantime she's heading towards the goal of becoming a renowned blogger. View all posts by Amber (YA Indulgences)

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